Lexicon: barricade – bask

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barricade, n. [Fr. or Sp. barrica, cask.] (webplay: trees).

Obstruction; military blockade; defensive fortification; strong wooden rail that blocks incoming or outgoing movement; [fig.] autumn leaves that obstruct sunlight.

Bartsia, proper n. [Named by Linnæus after Bartsch of Königsberg.]

Bartsia latifolia scrophulariaceæ; abundant wayside weed; flowering cornfield plant; herb with narrow tapering purplish green leaves and dull red flowers; [fig.] a flower personified.

base, adj. [Fr. < L. bassus, thick, fat, short, low.]

  1. Humble; meek; long-suffering; lowly in spirit; willing to sacrifice high position; (see 1 Corinthians 1:28).
  2. Pitiful; pathetic; dishonorable; ashamed; contemptible; damned; mean; wretched; (see Isaiah 3:5).
  3. Lowest; least; lesser.

base (-s), n. [Fr. < L. < Gk. 'that on which one steps or stands'.]

  1. Bottom; foot; lower part; roots and trunk; [fig.] the horizon.
  2. Foundation; footing; cornerstone; groundwork; substructure; stable support; secure platform for building; [fig.] grave; tomb; funeral vault; [fig.] axiom; creed; doctrine; law; principle.
  3. Cover; film; layer.
  4. End; conclusion; finale; [fig.] final show of color; warm spell in autumn; Indian summer.

baseless, adj. [see base, n.] (webplay: comparative, estimation, mean, men).

  1. Bottomless; endless; groundless; never-ending; encircling; [fig.] horizonless.
  2. Titleless; without authority; of low station.

basement, n. [Fr.] (webplay: silver).

Cellar; bottom floor; lowest level; underground story of a building; [fig.] underwater; depths of the sea.

bashful, adj. [Anglo Fr. < L. 'utterly astound'; see abash, v.] (webplay: blushing, downcast, extreme, look).

  1. Shy; sheepish; [fig.] dainty; sensitive; delicate; tender.
  2. Reluctant; hesitant; not eager.
  3. Modest; reserved; reticent; quiet; avoiding attention.

basin, n. [OFr < L.]

Bowl; dish; receptacle; hollow circular vessel; container for water; [fig.] cloud bank; atmosphere; [fig.] round valley; area enclosed by mountains.

basis, n. [L. < Gk.; see base, n.] (webplay: good).

Foundation; grounds; justification; reason; substance; underlying principle.

bask (-ing, -s), v. [ON baðask, bathe.]

  1. Bathe in warmth; soak up continual heat; relax in the sun; [fig.] lie dead; rest in peace; repose in a tomb.
  2. Hold warmth; retain heat; [fig.] prepare to erupt; build up pressure before exploding.
  3. Delight; luxuriate; thrive; enjoy the atmosphere.