Lexicon: beseech – bestir

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beseech, v. [ME be- + secan; see seek, v.]

Entreat; urge; exhort; charge; convince; persuade; (see Malachi 1:9).

beseeching, verbal adj. [see beseech, v.]

  1. Praying; begging; supplicating; signaling urgently for help.
  2. Pleading; longing; yearning; wistful.

beseem (-eth), v. [be- + seem, v.]

Seem; appear; [error in Johnson edition; Franklin reads “he seemeth”.]

beset (-s), v. [OE; see set, v. and sit, v.]

Surround; confront; besiege; hinder; press in on all sides; [fig.] blind; cover up; (see Hebrews 12:1).

beside (-s), adv. [OE; see side, n.] (webplay: by the side, put, over and above, sit, thing).

  1. Also; too; in addition; as well.
  2. Nearby; alongside.

beside (-s), conj. [see beside, adv.] (webplay: put).

Moreover; furthermore.

beside (-s), prep. [see beside, adv.] (webplay: side, speculation).

  1. Nearby; close to; next to; alongside; neighboring; in the vicinity of.
  2. In addition to.
  3. Distinct from; in comparison to.

best, adj. [OE; suppletive and superlative form of good, adj.] (webplay: abilities, all, better, case, fail, good, ill, known, landscape, let, life, like, love, make, man, more, most, other, part, please, possible, power, short, sum, way).

  1. Ideal; most appropriate; most apt; most suitable; most fitting.
  2. Favored; favorite; choice; preferred; dearest; beloved.
  3. Preferable; superior; incomparable; matchless; peerless.
  4. Most; utmost; limit; maximum.
  5. Better-off.
  6. Unequaled; unparalleled; finest; most perfect.
  7. Greatest effort.

best, adv. [see best, adj.] (webplay: all, better, beyond, correct, degree, highest, known, landscape, least, life, love, make, man, more, most, perfection, possible, other, way).

  1. Most perfectly; more than others.
  2. Most clearly; most completely; [fig.] infinitely; eternally.

bestir (-s), v. [OE; see stir, v.]

  1. Unfold; extend; stretch out for flight; [fig.] lift up in prayer.
  2. Rouse; awake; emerge from a dormant state; break out of a cocoon; move about with new life.
  3. Alter; crack; shatter; disturb; interrupt.
  4. Activate; arouse; energize; get up; move out of lazy mode; (see 2 Samuel 5:24).