Lexicon: borne – bottom

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borne (bourne), v. [see bear, v.]

borne, verbal n. [see bear, v.]

Corpse; dead body; deceased person; one carried to the tomb; body of someone dead being conveyed in a funeral procession; (see John 20:15).

borough (-s), n. [OE < Germanic 'shelter'.] (webplay: hill, lands, man).

Village; town; ward; district; neighborhood; fortified city; [fig.] house; tomb; [in Connecticut] a town with certain privileges; [in Saxon times] tithing; surety; association of ten men; free pledge to the king for good behavior of citizens.

borrow (-ed, -s), v. [OE borh, pledge, surety.]

  1. Take from another with consent; use with the owner's permission; utilize with intention of returning or replacing; provide collateral for; (see Matthew 5:42).
  2. Emulate; imitate; copy; mimic; simulate; assume; pretend; take on the appearance of.
  3. Reenact; adopt; accept for the time being; receive for a moment; live through temporarily; experience vicariously.

bosom (-s), n. [OE < IE 'arm', 'space between the two arms of a person'.] (webplay: arms).

  1. Upper front part of the human body's trunk; [metonymy] body; physical being; mortal frame; (see Proverbs 6:27); [fig.] corpse; cadaver; remains.
  2. Breast; chest; front; figurehead; anterior section; upper portion of a human being's torso; (see John 13:23); [specifically] image; look; appearance; countenance; visage; persona.
  3. Breastplate; secure place; protective shield; [fig.] spirit; essence; being; consciousness; divine center.
  4. Heart; center of affection; seat of the passions; core of human emotions; [fig.] vulnerability; sensitivity; tender feelings; (see Isaiah 40:11).
  5. Horizon; skyline; compass; atmosphere; expanse of heaven.

Bosporus (Bosphorus), proper n. [Gr. βους, ox + ποϱος, passage.]

Strait of water; deep channel; narrow sea connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

both, adj. [ME < ON.]

The two of; one and the other of.

both, adv.


both, pron.

  1. Each one; the two; the first and the next.
  2. [Appositive] two; together; jointly; mutually.

bottom, n. [OE botm.] (webplay: ground, lowest).

Base; root; foot; depth; floor; basement; foundation; cornerstone; extremity; understructure; subterranean chamber; deepest part; [fig.] subconscious; most profound element; most remote consideration.