Lexicon: big – biography

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big (-gest), adj. [ME] (webplay: brought, grief, load, size, spirit, swelling).

  1. Large; great in size;
  2. Heavy; weighty; burdensome; [fig.] dreadful; sorrowful.
  3. Substantial; consequential; significant; important.

bill, n. [ME bille, written document, note of charges.] (webplay: account, paid).

Payment; settlement; statement; tab; reckoning; recompense of debt; [fig.] finish; resolution; termination; conclusion; (see Luke 16:6-7).

bill, n. [OE bil, sword; split, cleave.] (webplay: trees).

  1. Beak; nib; hard termination of a bird's mouth; sharp extension of a fowl's mandible.
  2. [Word play] cutting instrument; crescent-shaped pruning tool.

billion, adj. [Fr.]

Many; countless; innumerable number of; extremely great number of; one thousand million (1,000,000,000).

billow (-s, -'s), n. [ON.] (webplay: sea, wave, wind).

  1. Swell; surge; puff; undulation; sweeping force; wave in something other than water.
  2. Tumult; upheaval; movement; turmoil; slow but powerful motion.
  3. Curl; bulge; current; swell on the ocean; running ridge of sea water; (see Jonah 2:3).

bin, n. [OE binn.]

  1. Manger; crib; rectangular feed box; [sound play with “Ben-” in “Benefit”] boon; goods; blessing.
  2. Receptacle; grain storage; repository for the harvest.

bind (-s, bound), v. [OE bindan.]

  1. Tie; fasten; attach; secure; [fig.] control; maintain; govern; regulate; (see Job 28:11).
  2. Abash; confound; shackle; confine; hinder; limit; muzzle; silence; put restrictions on; deprive of liberty; take away the freedom of (see Ezekiel 3:25); [in music] place a curved line between repeated notes to show continuance of sound.

bindless, adj. [see bind, v.; Franklin var. reads “findless”.]

Free; endless; untied; illimitable; limitless; boundless; without cohesion.

biographer, n. [see biography, n.]

Recorder; scribe; life story author; personal history writer; [fig.] witness; judge; accuser; one who incriminates; giver of a true account.

biography, n. [L. biographia > Gr. 'life' + 'write'.] (webplay: history).

Account; inscription; record; evidence; true testimony.