Lexicon: blissful – bloom

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blissful, adj. [see bliss, n.] (webplay: happiness, heavenly, joy).

Joyous; pleasing; peaceful; serene; calm; full of felicity; happy in the highest degree.

blister (-ed, -s), v. [ME] (webplay: burn, hurt).

Swell; sting; scorch; inflame; puff up; cause a pustule; [fig.] torment.

blithe, adj. [OE; see bliss, n.] (webplay: gay, merry).

Happy; joyous; gleeful; cheerful; mirthful; lighthearted; carefree.

block, n. [ME > Fr. bloc.]

  1. Neighborhood; immediate environs; portion of a road between intersections; [fig.] doorstop.
  2. Stone; cube; solid mass; material from which something is constructed.
  3. Guillotine; piece of wood for execution by beheading; [fig.] punishment; retribution for criminal activity.

block (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. bloquer.] (webplay: hinder, hindrance, long, metal).

  1. Obscure; cover; eclipse; screen; blur; shadow.
  2. Obstruct; impede; hinder passage; put a barrier in front of; create an obstacle for.
  3. Phrase. “Block it up”: clog; close; dam; plug; shut.

blonde, adj. [Fr. > L. blundus, yellow.]

  1. Yellow; bright; flaming.
  2. Fair; towheaded; having light-colored hair; [fig.] icy; frosty; blight causing.

blonde, n. [see blonde, adj.]

Yellow; light color; golden hue; fair hair.

blood, n. [OE.] (webplay: arteries, child, death, high, life, man, red, sacramental, sprinkled, stain, veins, whole).

  1. Red body fluid; life-supporting liquid circulating through the body; (see Leviticus 17:11).
  2. Feeling; temper; mood; sensation; circulation; rush of adrenaline; emotional activity; inner situation; state of mind; [fig.] hope; longing for freedom.
  3. Smear; gore; [fig.] sign of emotional distress.
  4. Kin; family; lineage; race; inheritance from ancestors; [fig.] commitment; covenant; bond; promise; vow; pledge; obligation; (see Hebrews 13:20).
  5. Life; mortality; incarnation; fleshly nature; (see Ezekiel 3:18).
  6. Red; scarlet; crimson; [fig.] sunset glow (see 2 Kings 3:22).
  7. Flesh; meat; [fig.] nourishment; food and drink; (see John 6:55).
  8. Birth; nativity; fluids of childbirth; [fig.] circulation; circulatory system functions; [metaphor] conception; lineage; parentage; generation; ancestry.

bloom (-s), n. [ME < ON blóm, flower, blossom, and blómi, bloom, prosperity.] (webplay: bud, expanded, flower, grapes, growth, life, opening, perfection, put, sweet, show, yield).

  1. Spring; season of growth; time of renewal; [fig.] resurrection; restoration; hope of eternal life.
  2. Poem; verse; lyric.
  3. Pastoral beauty; natural splendor; [fig.] April; springtime.
  4. Blossom; expanded flower; colored portion of a plant consisting of stamens, pistils, corolla, and calyx; culminating beauty of a plant before going to fruit.
  5. Blossoming; state of growth; development of a plant; [fig.] life; vitality; vigor; strength.

bloom (-ed, -ing), v. [ME blomen; see bloom, n.] (webplay: blossom, flower, gathered, higher, perfection, put, trees).

  1. Grow; prosper; burgeon; expand; come into full beauty; [fig.] resurrect; return from death to life.
  2. Flourish; thrive; blossom; produce flowers; [fig.] live; (see Numbers 17:8).
  3. Emerge; come out of a cocoon; [fig.] resurrect.