Lexicon: briskly – broad

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briskly, adv. [uncertain etymology.] (webplay: burning, sprightly).

Actively; quickly; vigorously; with life and spirit; [fig.] successfully; prosperously.

Britain, proper adj. [L. Britannia, tribe of Britons < Celtic brith, speckled, tattooed, painted one.]

Albion; England; island containing England, Wales, and Scotland; white island of Inis gwyn; [fig.] royal; regal; majestic; imperial; aristocratic; aloof.

Britain, Great, proper n. [see great, adj. and Britain, proper adj.]

British empire; northwest European island nation; United Kingdom in the 19th century; opponent of the colonists in the Revolutionary War; [personification] military force; world power; army of the motherland; Queen Victoria (1819-1901).

British, proper adj. [see Britain, proper adj. and Britain, Great, proper n.]

  1. English; pertaining to the United Kingdom (see ED letters); nationality of Lady Franklin, whose husband and crew died trying to find a northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean; [fig.] hopeful; loyal; constant; persistent.
  2. Redcoat; martial; military; armed like a soldier from England; [word play with “brightish”] bright; sunshiny; [fig.] fierce; striking; impressive; eye-catching.

British, proper n. [see Britain, proper adj. and Britain, Great, proper n.]

Redcoats; English army; soldiers for Great Britain in the battle of Quebec; (see ED letters).

brittle, adj. [ME < OE < Germanic 'to break'.]

  1. Fragile; delicate; easily broken; not tough; physically weak; [fig.] insecure; vulnerable; mortal; subject to death.
  2. Elite; snobbish; temperamental; particular; fussy; finicky; persnickety; dainty; fastidious; high-strung; overly refined; easily disturbed.
  3. Tenuous; feeble; insubstantial.
  4. Frayed; frazzled; unraveling; coming apart; not tenacious.
  5. Unpredictable; erratic; [fig.] aimless; drifting; floating; mercurial; quicksilver.
  6. Unstable; unsteady; shifting; structurally weak; [fig.] dubious; doubtful; tentative; provisional.

broach (-ed), v. [ME < Fr. < Late L. brocca, spike, pointed instrument.]

Utter; reveal; suggest a plan; propose an idea; introduce a topic; open for discussion; make public for the first time.

broad (broader, broadest), adj. [OE < Germanic.] (webplay: breadth, equal, narrow, open).

  1. Vast; extensive; widespread; large in territory; [fig.] infinite; eternal; timeless; universal; heavenly (see Job 11:9).
  2. Bold; strong; stalwart; mighty; impenetrable; having stout walls; [sense play] breached; opened wide (see Nehemiah 3:8).
  3. Generous; liberal; welcoming; sweepingly inclusive (see Job 36:16).
  4. Famous; important; impressive; well-known; [fig.] grand; noble; royal; high-ranking.
  5. Tolerant; intellectual; non-judgmental; open-minded; accepting of various points of view; [fig.] vague; obscure; ambiguous; indefinite; indecisive; mysterious; nebulous; noncommittal (see Matthew 7:13).

broad, adv. [see broad, adj.]

Widely; extensively; sweepingly; [fig.] infinitely; eternally.

broad, n. [see broad, adj.]

Scholar; pundit; well-educated person; supposedly open-minded person; [fig.] puffed-up speaker; self-important preacher.