Lexicon: betoken – between

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betoken, v. [ME; see token, n.]

Portend; foreshadow; precede; signify; symbolize; go ahead of; identify by some sign.

betray (-ed, -s), v. [ME < OFr < L. traděre 'deliver, hand over'.] (webplay: appear, prudence, secret, show, trust).

  1. Fool; deceive; beguile; trick.
  2. Transgress; trespass; offend; cheat; violate the confidence of.
  3. Breach; [fig.] disrupt; interrupt.
  4. Disappoint; turn away from.
  5. Compromise; surrender; sell out; fail to keep a promise; [fig.] expose; make vulnerable; hand over to enemies; (see Matthew 26).
  6. Reveal; show; express; disclose; divulge; make known; show what is not readily obvious.
  7. Seize; overrule; overwhelm; overpower; take over; [fig.] embarrass; abash; expose; uncover.

betrayed, verbal adj. [see betray, v.] (webplay: hands, view).

Affronted; displeased; disappointed; disgruntled; not satisfied.

betroth (-ed), v. [see betrothed, verbal adj.]

Engage; affiance; [fig.] commit; devote; dedicate; (see Hosea 2:19-20).

betrothal, n. [see betroth, v.]

Engagement; espousal; wedding commitment; contract for a future marriage.

betrothed, verbal adj. [ME.] (webplay: husband, wife).

Plighted; promised for marriage; [fig.] consecrated; set apart; giving one's whole self.

better, adj. [OE; suppletive comparative form of good, adj.; see also best, adj.] (webplay: acceptable, advanced, air, best, condition, contains, get, good, greater, higher, less, love, man, more, nature, place, rank, scheming, speak, trust, understand, wisdom, work).

  1. Superior; higher quality; finer; more enjoyable.
  2. More good; greater; more desirable; comparatively preferable; having more favorable results.

better, adv. [see better, adj.] (webplay: advanced, best, cultivated, excellence, gain, higher, house, love, man, more, obtain, surpass, wisdom).

  1. More completely; more fully; more accurately; with greater ease; with greater clarity.
  2. More skillfully; more successfully; more competently; more perfectly.
  3. Preferably; preferentially; rather; desirably.

better, n. [see better, adj.]

That which is greater; something more desirable than the alternative; [phrase] “for better”: more completely; in a more comprehensive way.

between, prep. [OE.] (webplay: another, common, difference, distance, exchange, exist, friends, land, more, mutual, own, passing, right, runs, soul, tract, two).

  1. Separating; dividing; keeping apart; having two other things on either side.
  2. Distinguishing; differentiating; contrasting; allowing there to be a distinction concerning.
  3. Across the space separating; over the division of.
  4. In the interval of; following and preceding.
  5. With; against; involving; including.
  6. Which one; from two options.
  7. Through time; in the interim; as separators; through a specific space.