Lexicon: indifference – individual

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indifference, n. [Fr. indifférence < L.] (webplay: die, weight).

Detachment; impassivity; insensibility; wooden aspect; lack of expression; [fig.] coldness; hardness; rigidity; rigor mortis; stiffness of death.

indifferent, adj. [Fr. < L. indifferent-em, not differing, of no consequence.] (webplay: another, mind).

  1. Equal; commensurate; the same; not mattering; making no difference; of no consequence; one way or the other.
  2. Detached; static; feeling nothing.
  3. Impartial; disinterested.

indifferent, adv. [see indifferent, adj.]

  1. Neglectfully; inattentively; passively.
  2. Impassively; insensibly; [fig.] motionlessly; dead.

indigence, n. [Fr. < L. indigere, lack, want.] (webplay: poverty, want).

Real penury; true destitution; lack of essentials.

indignant, adj. [L. indignari, regard as unworthy.]

Upset; resentful; angry; disapproving; offended.

indignation, n. [see indignant, adj.]

Resentment; impatience.

indigo, n. [L. indicum, blue Indian dye.] (webplay: leaves).

Anil; blue substance; cool azure color; deep blue dye traditionally from India; [fig.] a bluebird's feathers.

indiscreet, adj. [Fr. indiscret < L.]

Imprudent; inconsiderate; thoughtless in speech; careless with language; not wise with words; unable to keep a secret.

individual, adj. [Med. L. individualis, inseparable, indivisible.] (webplay: existence, man, one, separate).

  1. Unique; singular; special; customized; tailor-made; one-by-one.
  2. Own; personal; specific; belonging to oneself.
  3. Solo; single; solitary; exclusive; reclusive; cloistered; all alone; [fig.] lonely; plaintive.

individual (-s), n. [see individual, adj.]

  1. Single person; specific personage; unique human being; [fig.] mortal.
  2. Seeker; wanderer; person all alone.
  3. Creature; wight; thing; being in Nature.