Lexicon: inviolate – iris

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inviolate, adj. [Fr. < L. inviolātus, unhurt.]

  1. Unbroken.
  2. Unpolluted; unhurt.

invisible, adj. [L. invīsibilis, see visible, adj.] (webplay: endured, see, thee).

Imperceptible; not evident to the eye because of lack of physical substance.

invisible, n. [see invisible, adj.] (webplay: eye).

Hidden one; unseeable personage; [fig.] God; heaven.

invitation (-s), n. [see invite, v.] (webplay: accompany, calling, place).

Call to action; request for a person's company.

invite (-d, inviting, -s), v. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: dine, easy, go).

  1. Lure; urge participation.
  2. Tempt to come.
  3. Allure; attract.
  4. Request the company of.

inviting, verbal adj. [see invite, v.]

Tempting; alluring; soliciting the company of.

invoke, v. [Fr. < L. invocāre call upon, summon or invite in prayer.]

Summon; call on; address in prayer.

involve (-d, involving, -s), v. [OFr < L. involvere, roll into, surround, entangle.] (webplay: mine, take).

  1. Cover; surround completely.
  2. Include; draw in as a participant.
  3. Imply.
  4. Comprise; contain.

iodine, n. [Fr. iode < Gk. violet-colored.] (webplay: bluish, color).

Red-purple medicine; dense vapor of a deep violet color; [fig.] violet; vibrant purple; coloring of the sunset.

iris, n. [Gk. Éρις.]

Bluish-purple flower; blossom with six petals; flower with streaks of yellow in the center root of its petals.