Lexicon: imperfect – implement

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imperfect, adj. [Fr. imparfait < L. imperfectus, not finished.] (webplay: make).

  1. Inadequate; amateur; not expert; less competent.
  2. Incomplete; only partially comprehensible.

imperfectly, adv. [see imperfect, adj.] (webplay: wanting).

Incompletely; not totally; not fully; not entirely; only in part; [fig.] through a screen; as filtered through a veil.

imperial, adj. [OFr imperial < L. imperialis.] (webplay: royal, sovereignty).

  1. Royal; aristocratic; majestic; [fig.] clothed in purple.
  2. Best; superior; greatest; supreme; magnificent; most grand; especially excellent; exceedingly fine; befitting an emperor.
  3. Masterful; commanding; imperious; overwhelming.
  4. Bold; skillful; powerful; effective; vigorous; forceful; [fig.] unavoidable; inescapable; undeniable; hard-hitting.
  5. High; lofty; exalted; triumphant; victorious; mighty; [fig.] heavenly; celestial; visible in the sky above.
  6. Heroic; noble; awe-inspiring.
  7. Select; elect; chosen; [fig.] rare; exceptional; extraordinary.

imperial, adv. [see imperial, adj.]

Sovereignly; impressively; omnipotently; overbearingly; imposingly; boldly; augustly; with royal authority; in a powerful manner.

impertinence, n. [Fr. impertinence.]

Rudeness; interference; interruption; improper communication; discourteous discourse; unsolicited noise; bad manners.

impertinently, adv. [see impertinence, n.] (webplay: learnt).

Officiously; intrusively; rudely.

impervious, adj. [L.]

Impermeable; impenetrable; [fig.] immune; indifferent; not subject; not available; not accountable.

impetuous, adj. [F. impétueux < L.]

Bold; audacious; daring; energetic; excited; fierce; frantic; hot-headed; [fig.] noisy; garrulous; busy; out of control.

impetus, n. [L. impetus, assault, force, vehemence.]

  1. Provocation; incitement; stimulant; urge to act; surge of adrenaline.
  2. Motivation; motive; stimulus; intent; purpose; reason.

implement (-s), n. [L. implēmentum, that which fills.]

  1. Wing; pinion; ala; [fig.] vehicle; means; ability; capacity; power.
  2. Tool; instrument; hammer; technology employed in a trade; special mallet for cutting facets on a precious gem.
  3. Apparatus; procedure; method; protocol; process; operation.