Lexicon: infidel – inflate

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infidel, adj. [Fr. < L. infidelis, unfaithful, unbelieving.] (webplay: faith).

Unfaithful; faithless; disloyal; inconstant; [fig.] shameful; disgraceful; dishonorable.

infidel, n. [see infidel, adj.]

Unbeliever; person devoid of faith; person who is in denial.

infinite (-r), adj. [OFr < L. infīnītus, unbounded.] (webplay: boundless, condescension, end, existence, extent, God, great, large, man, size, space, time).

  1. Perpetual; lasting; constant; timeless.
  2. All-encompassing; [fig.] of greatest importance; of deepest significance.
  3. Totally satisfying; completely fulfilling; physically and spiritually healing.
  4. Extensive; boundless; having no limit.
  5. Weighty; heavy; engulfing; engrossing; all-absorbing.
  6. Inestimable; priceless; immeasurably valuable.
  7. Endless; immense; omnipresent; long-lasting.
  8. Immortal; eternal; omnipotent.
  9. Beyond circumference; [fig.] sublime; unspeakably beautiful; surpassingly brilliant.
  10. True; real; actual; divine; heavenly.
  11. Deathless; amaranthine; remembered forever after death.
  12. Exceedingly great; high in calculation; undeterminable in scope.
  13. Deep; intense; profound; immeasurable; incalculable.
  14. Completed; absolute; total.

infinite (-r), adv. [see infinite, adj.]

  1. Totally; completely; beyond reach.
  2. Deeply; soundly; profoundly.
  3. Eternally; everlastingly; forever; more than mortal.
  4. Repeatedly; time after time; over and over again.
  5. Immeasurably; much better; in a superior way.
  6. Boundlessly; timelessly; without constraints; beyond mortal realms.

infinite ('s), n. [see infinite, adj.]

  1. God; eternal being; boundless individual; omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Deity.
  2. Continuity; endlessness; never-ending state.
  3. Eternal immensity; [fig.] immortality.
  4. Entirety; totality; boundless nature; unlimited existence.
  5. Truth; aspects of heaven; ornaments of divinity.
  6. Afterlife; hereafter; eternal life; [fig.] result of death.

infiniteness, n. [see infinite, adj.] (webplay: time).

Exceedingly great; immense quantity.

infinitude, n. [see infinite, adj.]

Omnipotence; Omniscience; [fig.] God; Deity; Supreme Being; Heavenly Father.

infinity, n. [Fr. infinité < L. infīnītās, endlessness, boundlessness, infinity.] (webplay: beauties, extent, God, power, space).

  1. Extent; endlessness; unlimited time; [fig.] Deity; immortality; eternal nature.
  2. Immensity of existence.
  3. Boundlessness; limitlessness; agelessness; timeless nature; endless expanse of time, space, and domain.
  4. Complete fulfillment; total consummation.
  5. Eternity; paradise; nirvana; Elysium; eternal life.
  6. Incomprehensible identity; [fig.] total holiness; sacred anonymity; divine namelessness.
  7. Truth; everything; endless light, love, and joy; all good things that are, have been, and will be.
  8. Phrase. “Finite infinity”: life; compound of mortal and immortal existence.

infirm, adj. [Fr. < L. infirmus, weak or feeble.]

Weak; unstable; unsteady; fallible; frail; fragile; shaky; wavering; delicate; [fig.] mortal; finite.

inflate (-s), v. [L. inflāre, blow.]

  1. Swell; exaggerate; overstate.
  2. Amplify; expand; become magnified; [fig.] increase in radiance.