Lexicon: intersect – intonation

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intersect, v. [L. intersecāre, cut asunder.]

Meet; cross; divide by lying across.

intersperse (-ed), v. [L. inter, between + spargěre, to scatter, sprinkle.]

Scatter; disperse; mingle.

interspersion, n. [see intersperse, v.]

Scattering; dispersion.

interval (-s), n. [Fr. < L. intervallum, space between ramparts.] (webplay: between, death, deposits, houses, low).

  1. Time period; set hour.
  2. Span; lifetime.
  3. Distance between two given sounds in music; [fig.] rest; repose; silence.
  4. Second; moment; intervening time.

intervene (-d), v. [Fr. < L. inter, between + venīre, come.] (webplay: between, cross).

  1. Separate; be situated between.
  2. Interpose; come between.
  3. Interfere; interrupt; cross; happen in a way to disturb.
  4. Step in for; undertake voluntarily for another.

interview, n. [Fr. < L. inter + vidēre, to see.] (webplay: meeting).

  1. Conference; meeting; dialogue; mutual communication of thoughts.
  2. Inspection; examination.
  3. Revelation; uncovering; mutual view of each other.
  4. Visit; social call; opportunity to see each other.
  5. Vision; appearance; face to face meeting.

intimate, adj. [L. intimāre, inmost, deepest, close in friendship.] (webplay: friendship, heaven, thoughts).

  1. Close friendship or acquaintance; familiar.
  2. Near; close.
  3. Inmost; inward; internal.

intimate (-s), v. [L. intimāre, put or bring into, make known, notify by legal process.] (webplay: love).

Hint; suggest obscurely, indirectly or not very plainly; give slight notice of.

into, prep. [see in, prep. + to, prep.] (webplay: another, children, church, enters, falls, fits, forced, house, passing, state, stream, thing, words).

  1. Achieving the state of.
  2. Becoming part of.
  3. Moving towards; arriving at.
  4. Under; beneath the surface of.
  5. Positioned properly for.

intonation (-s), n. [Fr. < L. intonārem, utter.] (webplay: sounding).

Thundering; roaring; rumbling as of thunder.