Lexicon: illuminate – imitate

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illuminate, v. [L. illūmināre, throw light on, light up, brighten, set in a clear light, make illustrious; in med. L. baptize, kindle, paint in colors.]

  1. Enlighten; make manifest; throw light on; bring out of obscurity.
  2. Light up; adorn with festal lamps.

illumination, n. [Fr., see illuminate, v.] (webplay: act, light).

Illustration; inspiration; enlightenment; spiritual light; intellectual brightness; [fig.] example to emulate; model of how to live.

illumine (-s), v. [Fr. illuminer < L. illūmināre, see illuminate, v.]

Show; reveal; reflect light upon; [fig.] provide understanding of.

illusive, adj. [L. illūs.] (webplay: fond).

Unrealistic; self-deceptive; [fig.] fanciful; immaterial; phantom; romantic; quixotic; surreal; dream-like.

illustration, n. [Fr. < L. illustrāre.]

Manifestation; expression; reflection; rendering; [fig.] publication; printed form.

illustrious, adj. [L. illustri-s.] (webplay: renowned).

Magnificent; important; invincible; inviolate; impregnable; not to be slighted; [fig.] inescapable; unavoidable; not to be ignored.

image, n. [Fr. image < L. imāgo, imitation, copy, likeness, statue, picture, idea, similitude, semblance, appearance.] (webplay: light).

  1. Imagination; mental idea; picture drawn by fancy.
  2. Vision; apparition; [fig.] bird; spirit; messenger.

imagery, n. [OFr imagerie.]

Showy presence; colorful appearance; visual stimulus; sensory input; [fig.] analogue; metaphoric meaning; poetic potential; capacity for symbolic representation.

imagination, n. [Fr. imagination < L.]

Fancy; mental creativity; faculty of mind that forms concepts, ideas, dreams, aims, opinions, standards of behavior, and so forth.

imitate (imitating), v. [L. imitārī, copy.]

  1. Emulate; follow as an example.
  2. Copy; mimic; parrot; simulate; reproduce the same sound as.