Lexicon: indolent – ineffable

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indolent, adj. [late L. in + dolens, grieving.] (webplay: listless).

Idle; lazy; inactive; painless; [fig.] deceased; lifeless.

indorse (-ed), v. [see endorse, v.]

  1. Claim; accept; agree to pay thirty pieces of silver for; take part as a betrayer behind the back as represented in; (see Matthew 26:14-15).
  2. Accompany; back up; [fig.] provide a backdrop for.

indorsement (endorsement), n. [see endorse, v. and endorsement, n.]

Confirmation; testimony; authorization; verification; truth.

induce (-ed, -es), v. [L. indūcere, lead into, introduce.] (webplay: change).

  1. Cause; produce; bring on.
  2. Persuade; lead; convince; sway; tempt; entice; influence.

indurated, adj. [L.]

Hardened; stubborn; callous; unfeeling; [fig.] frozen; frost-bitten.

industrious, adj. [Fr. < L. industriōsus.] (webplay: diligent, life).

Busy; occupied; persistent; tireless; proficient; hard-working; engaged in work.

industriousness, n. [see industrious, adj.] (webplay: life).

Activity; effort; exertion; diligence; persistence; [fig.] will to live.

industry (industries), n. [Fr. < L. 'diligence'.] (webplay: bee, change, diligent, ease, idle, peace).

  1. Activity; action; work; [fig.] purpose; aim; reason for living.
  2. Labor; farm chores; field work; [fig.] sweat; perspiration; work clothes.
  3. Growth; development; steady productivity; [fig.] blossoming; photosynthesis; [metaphor] vitality; life force.
  4. Task; toil; drudgery; travail; housework; [fig.] duty; responsibility; service; undertaking.
  5. Enterprise; endeavor.
  6. Habitual business; daily employment; weekday attention to work (perhaps in contrast to rest on the Sabbath Day).
  7. Business; manufacturing; cooperative work; collective labor; [fig.] effort; exertion; diligence.
  8. Craft; handiwork; [fig.] artistry; painting; fine art; [metaphor] change of season; natural process that colors the autumn leaves.

inebriate, adj. [L.] (webplay: drunken, liquor).

Intoxicated; drunk; [fig.] overwhelmed; excited; overcome; in a state of ecstasy.

ineffable, adj. [Fr. < L. 'unutterable'.] (webplay: heaven).

Inexplicable; fathomless; inexpressible; defying description; [fig.] unbelievable; miraculous.