Lexicon: scald – scanty

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scald (-s), v. [OFr 'burn, scorch, make red-hot' < L. 'to wash in hot water'.]

Burn; boil; scathe; sear; [fig.] harm; hurt; [metaphor] purify; refine by intense heat.

scalding, verbal adj. [see scald, v.]

Burning; searing; scorching; seething; [fig.] piercing; excruciating; agonized; uttered with intense pain.

scale (-d), v. [ON skál, bowl, shell, drinking cup, weighing.]

Compare; estimate; weigh with a scale; [fig.] approach; surmount; walk up to; go up in.

scalp (-s), v. [L.]

  1. Strip; peel; remove the bark from; [fig.] dismantle.
  2. Flay; deprive of skin; remove the hair from the head ; [fig.] undress; unclothe; expose; make vulnerable; reveal to view; [word play with “scald”] electrify; electrocute; shock; stun; traumatize.

scan (-s, scanned, scanning), v. [L. 'to climb'.] (webplay: care, critical, true).

  1. View; examine; survey; peruse; look over.
  2. Analyze; evaluate; criticize; scrutinize; appraise; inspect; judge; [fig.] measure; quantify; mark the meter of; determine the cadence of; count the lyric feet of.
  3. Notice; pay attention to.
  4. Search; hunt.

scant (-est), adj. [ON skamt, short, brief.]

  1. Brief; limited; short-term.
  2. Limited; meager; insufficient in quantity; short of the standard measure.
  3. Not having much time.
  4. Tiny; minute.
  5. Spare; lean; skimpy; austere; not abundant.
  6. Minor; insignificant; of small consequence.
  7. Low in number.

scant, adv. [see scant, adj.]

Frugally; economically; barely.

scantily (scantly), adv. [see scant, adj.]

  1. Meagerly; hardly; in a minor way.
  2. Carefully; deliberately; tersely.

scanty, adj. [see scant, adj.]

  1. Small; little in quantity; low in numeric value.
  2. Stingy; not generous.
  3. Finite; [fig.] human; mortal.
  4. Minimal; meager; deficient; insufficient.
  5. Little; terse; modest; measured carefully; few words of.
  6. Trivial; petty; childish; inconsequential.

scanty, adv. [see scant, adj.]

Meekly; modestly; humbly; in a lowly manner.