Lexicon: sole – solidity

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sole, adj. [OFr < L. solus, alone.]

Single; as one; existing without another; individual.

sole, adv. [see sole, adj.]

Phrase. “sole away”: completely gone.

solely, adv. [see sole, adj.]

Singly; alone; only; without another.

solemn (-er, -est), adj. [L. solennis, from soleo, to be accustomed, to use, that is, to hold on or continue.]

  1. Annual; ceremonial; anniversary; yearly.
  2. Heavy; weighty; [fig.] grave; sepulchral; spectral.
  3. Holy; sacred; devout.
  4. Earnest; godly.
  5. Sedate; decelerating; slowed-down.
  6. Pious; sanctimonious.
  7. Magnificent; awesome; formidable.
  8. Reverent; [fig.] sentient.
  9. Serious; essential; crucial; important; significant; deep.
  10. Sober; stable; profound.
  11. Spiritual; divine; otherworldly; transcendental.
  12. Sincere; genuine.
  13. Legally-binding.
  14. Silent; quiet.
  15. Tender; sensitive; sore; sad; gloomy.

solemn, adv. [see solemn, adj.]

  1. Gracefully; sedately; piously.
  2. Calmly; steadily.

solemnity, n. [OFr.]

Seriousness; gravity; holiness; grace; divinity.

solemnize (-s), v. [see solemn, adj.]

Sanctify; consecrate; hallow; sober; cause to become reverent.

solemnly, adv. [see solemn, adj.]

Gravely; somberly; with dignity; [word play] with gravity.

solid, adj. [OFr.] (webplay: whole).

  1. Real; pure; of one substance.
  2. Substantial; [fig.] golden.
  3. Tangible; concrete; perceptible.
  4. Complete; whole; [phrase “a Solid Year”] all year long; all twelve months.
  5. Total; absolute.
  6. Firm; steadfast; immoveable; impenetrable; dense; not hollow; full of matter.
  7. Relentless; constant; continuous; ceaseless; incessant.
  8. Intense; deep; soaked; concentrated; saturated in hue; [fig.] vivid.
  9. Phrase. “Solid Town”: dry ground; [kenning] shore; land above a beach.

solidity (solidities), n. [see solid, adj.] (webplay: firm, certainty).

Reality; materiality; fullness of matter; quality of being physically evident.