Lexicon: sad – sagacious

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sad (-dest), adj. [OE < Germanic 'full, satisfy'.]

  1. Sorrowful; affected with grief.
  2. Afflictive; calamitous; cause of sorrow.

sadden (-ed), v. [see sad, adj.]

Disappointed; made unhappy.

saddle, n. [OE poss. < IE 'sit'.]

Mount; launch; seat for a rider; sitting place on the back of a horse or other animal; [fig.] wings; ability to fly.

sadly, adv. [see sad, adj.]

Regrettably; unfortunately.

sadness, n. [see sad, adj.]

Sorrow; mournfulness; melancholy.

safe (-er, -est), adj. [ME < L. salvus uninjured, entire, healthy.]

  1. Secured from harm.
  2. Easy; not challenging; requiring less effort.
  3. Free from hurt; exempt from damage.
  4. Free from danger.
  5. Best; wisest; preferred.

safely, adv. [see safe, adj.]

  1. Hidden; secret; private.
  2. Freely; securely; without incurring evil consequences.
  3. Without injury.

safety, n. [Fr. sauveté < L. salvitāt-em; see safe, adj.]

Security; surety; haven; protection; refuge from death; exemption from injury; freedom from danger.

saffron, n. [Fr. < Arab. or Turk.]

Yellow; orange-red product consisting of the dried stigmas of Crocus sativus.

sagacious, adj. [L. sagācem, discern acutely; see sage, adj.]

Shrewd; acute; discerning; probing for truth; [irony] supposedly wise; seemingly knowledgeable; relatively observant.