Lexicon: souvenir – spacious

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souvenir, n. [Fr. 'memory, keepsake' < L. subvenīre, to come into the mind.]

  1. Memory; way to recall an event.
  2. Memorial; remembrance.
  3. Keepsake; object that induces nostalgia

sovreign, adj. [see sovreign, n.]

  1. Supreme; highest; greatest; superlative; most intense; most extreme; [fig.] divinest; most Christ-like.
  2. Royal; superior; surpassing all others in glory; [fig.] aloof; formal; distant; inaccessible; untouchable; unapproachable.
  3. Treble; tenor; high in pitch; [fig.] droning.
  4. Extraordinary; glorious; magnificent; rare; sublime; [fig.] golden; aureate; shining.

sovreign, adv. [see sovreign, n.]

  1. Victoriously; triumphantly; prosperously; exultantly; happily; with the best of luck.
  2. Supremely; royally; ceremoniously; with much pomp; [fig.] with as much golden light.

sovreign (-s, -'s), n. [OFr < L. super, above; ED's spelling of “sovereign.”]

  1. King; Queen; monarch; head of state; supreme leader of a nation.
  2. Lord; Savior; Messiah; King of Kings (see Revelation 17:14); King of the Jews (Matthew 27:37); Christ, who was forced to wear a scarlet robe, a crown of thorns, and a reed for a scepter (Matthew 27:29); ruler of the universe who suffered, died, and was resurrected to redeem all humankind.
  3. Magistrate; [fig.] seraph; flying creature; heavenly being; [metaphor] nestling; baby bird; blue jay.
  4. Supreme being; most esteemed one; person who merits the highest devotion; [fig.] dearest; most beloved.
  5. Master; captain; ruler; commander; authority; agent; superior officer; [fig.] royal image; valuable golden coin stamped with a the profile of a queen's face.

sovreignty (sovreignties), n. [see sovreign, adj.]

Kingdom; realm; monarchy; principality; sphere of influence; extent of power.

sow (-ed, -ing, -n), v. [OE sáwan; see seed, n.]

  1. Plant; bury in earth; lay down carefully; place in soil for future growth.
  2. Scatter; disperse; disseminate; bring forth; [fig.] generate; engender; be born as a mortal; (see 1 Corinthians 15:42-43).
  3. Set; propagate; cause to grow; set out in a garden; [fig.] create; design; fashion; make; [metaphor] compose; write as poems; [word play on “sew”] stitch; put together with thread.
  4. Bury; lay to rest; [fig.] hide; cover from sight; [metaphor] entomb; inter as a corpse; allow to be placed in the garden sepulchre belonging to Joseph of Arimathæa (see Matthew 27:57-58).
  5. Germinate; quicken; stir up; enable to develop; [fig.] awaken spiritually; stimulate with new ideas.

sower, n. [see sow, v.]

Farmer; granger; gardener; greenhouse worker; field hand; person who plants seeds; [metaphor] poet; writer; composer of words in lines; [word play on “sew”] sewer; seamstress; tailor.

sowing, n. [see sow, v.]

Action of scattering seeds; [metonymy] bouquet; garden flowers; [metaphor] compositions; poetry; [word play on “sewing”] stitchery; cloth put together with thread.

space ('s, -s), n. [OFr < L.]

  1. Interval; quantity of dimension between one entity and another.
  2. The universe; distant worlds, known and unknown.
  3. Room.

spacious, adj. [L.]

  1. Ample; roomy; sizable; [fig.] free-wheeling; having the liberty to fly anywhere.
  2. Free; unobtrusive; permissive; non-restrictive; not confining; without interference; allowing much latitude; [fig.] liberal; gracious; courteous.
  3. Suitable in size; having enough space to move in; [fig.] fitting; accessible; handy; convenient; easy to live with; [word play; Franklin has “specious”] presentable; conspicuous.
  4. Powerful; far-reaching; [fig.] heavenly; divine; pertaining to the vastness of the universe.