Lexicon: stubble – stupidity

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stubble (-'s), n. [OFr < L. stipula, class.]

  1. Straw; chaff; dead grass; pieces of dry plants.
  2. Grain-stalks left in the ground after reaping

stubborn, adj. [uncertain etym.; poss. connected to OE stub 'immovable as a stub or stock'.]

Obstinate; relentless; persistent; insistent on having one's way.

student, n. [OFr estudiant < L. studēre, to be eager, zealous, diligent, to study.]

  1. Pupil; schoolchild; [fig.] disciple; follower.
  2. Phrase. “Student of the Year”: valedictorian; most excellent young scholar.

stuff, n. [ME < OFr 'material, furniture, provisions, cloth, quality, piece of rich textile fabric'.]

Material; mass of matter.

stumbling, verbal adj. [ON; see stammer, v.]

Dropping; tripping; faltering; losing its balance; making a misstep.

stump, n. [MLG 'mutilated, blunt, dull'.]

Bottom of a cut tree.

stun (-s), v. [OFr 'strike senseless, stupefy, shock, astonish' < L. attonāre, to strike with a thunderbolt.]

  1. Shock; dazzle; daze; amaze; astonish; astound.
  2. Surprise; overcome; ambush.

stupendous, adj. [L. 'that is to be wondered at, amazing'.]

Astonishing; amazing; astounding; marvelous.

stupendousness, n. [see stupendous, adj.]

Ampleness; amplitude; significance; prodigious nature.

stupidity, n. [L. 'to be stunned or benumbed'.]

Folly; foolishness.