Lexicon: surry – suspended

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surry, n. [Perhaps an ED spelling of “surrey” the vehicle or “Surrey” the English county, with a word play on “sir” or “sire”; poem context does not suggest the insult “sirrah”; Franklin edition only.]

Father; priest; master; mentor; spiritual teacher; one who has power; [fig.] Lord; Savior.

survey, n. [see survey, v.]


survey (-ed, -ing), v. [AFr < L. super + vidēre, to see.]

  1. Inspect; examine; scrutinize; [fig.] consider; evaluate.
  2. View; watch.

survive (-d), v. [AFr < L. super + vivěre, to live.]

  1. Continue to exist; continue living; stay alive.
  2. Overcome oppression as to remain alive; [fig.] one day be free from suffering and be happy.
  3. Remain in effect; be preserved.

surviving, verbal adj. [see survive, v.]

Surviving; outliving others; remaining after others have passed away.

Susan, proper n. [Short form of Susanna > Gk > Heb. shushan, lily; see Sue, proper n.]

Sue; Susan Gilbert; dear young woman who married ED's brother Austin.

susceptive, adj. [L.]

Having the capacity to admit; readily and willingly admitting.

suspect (-ed, -ing), v. [L. 'to look up, admire, esteem, to look to, to see'.]

  1. Predict; guess; imagine; assume without certain evidence.
  2. Distrust; believe to be guilty; judge as having done wrong.
  3. Realize; understand; detect; notice a particular condition by perceiving slight evidence.

suspend (-ed, -s), v. [OFr < L. sub + pend, to hang.]

  1. Delay; interrupt; cause to pause for a period of time; [fig.] pause in breathing.
  2. Make dependent.
  3. Hang; dangle.

suspended, verbal adj. [see suspend, v.]

Waiting; restricted from position for a time.