Lexicon: surprise – surround

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surprise, n. [see surprise, v.]

  1. Secret sudden joy; unexpected revelation, such as the delivery of a gift.
  2. Unexpected answer, result, or consequence.
  3. Confusion; bewilderment; disbelief; astonishment.
  4. Emotion of excitement caused by something sudden or unexpected.
  5. Phrase. “Take by surprise”: catch off guard.

surprise (-d), v. [AFr < L. 'overtake'.]

  1. Confuse; bewilder.
  2. Strike with astonishment; cause one to wonder; do something that causes something unexpected.
  3. Disappoint; be less than what one hopes for.
  4. Arouse; startle; frighten; come upon unexpectedly.

surprised, adj. [see surprise, v.]

  1. Taken unexpectedly, without preparation.
  2. Astonished; bewildered; confused; be in a state of disbelief.

surrender, n. [see surrender, v.]

  1. Act of yielding to an opponent; resignation.
  2. Act of giving in to influence or temptation.
  3. Resignation of a cause or purpose; act of giving up a goal.

surrender (-ed, -ing), v. [AFr 'to render'.]

  1. Yield to an opponent; give up; resign.
  2. Give in; succumb to temptation.
  3. Leave behind; discard.
  4. Yield one's life; die.
  5. Give up one thing in exchange for another; sacrifice something.

surrendered, verbal adj. [see surrender, v.]

  1. Resigned; yielded to the power of an opposing force; [fig.] dead.
  2. Receded; retreated; departed.

surreptitious, adj. [L.]

  1. Stealthily; sneaky; sly; acting without authority.
  2. Hidden; unseen; undetected.

surreptitiously, adv. [L.]

Stealthily; slyly.

surrogate, n. [L. 'assimilated'.]

Delegate of an ecclesiastical judge; judge.

surround (-ed), v. [AFr 'to overflow, to abound, to surpass, to dominate, to overlook'< L. super + undāre, to rise in waves.]

Inclose; encompass; [fig.] trap; capture.