Lexicon: swarm – sweeping

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swarm, n. [OE; Skr. root 'sounds, voice'; L. 'hum'; Lith. 'pipe'.]

Group of people that surrounds, frightens, or molests.

swarthy, adj. [obscure origin.]

  1. Of dark complexion, describing a Negro man.
  2. Dark and dreary; cold, as in winter.

sway (-ing, -s), v. [ME 'to go, to move, to carry'; ON 'to bend, swing, give way, yield, curve'.]

  1. Move back and forth.
  2. Having an influence to change someone's thoughts.

swaying, adj. [see sway, v.]

Oscillating; changing; fluctuating.

swear, v. [OE; ON 'to answer'.]

  1. Give a solemn oath; give one's word of honor; promise.
  2. Be confident; be absolutely sure.

sweat, v. [OE.]

sweep (-s), n. [see sweep, v.]

Compass; contour; arc; turn; [fig.] glide; flight; soaring; ascent; rise.

sweep (-ing, -s, swept), v. [OE form of swope, to sweep with a broom, brandish (sword), to rush, to dash, to set in circular motion, wind, to rove.]

  1. Clean; clear away with a broom.
  2. Pass rapidly; move with a magnificent air.

sweeping, verbal adj. [see sweep, v.]

Passing; flowing quickly; moving with pomp.

sweeping, verbal n. [see sweep, v.]

Phrase. “Sweeping up”: cleaning; making tidy; clearing with a broom; [fig.] restoration; healing; consolation; solace; returning to calm.