Lexicon: seek – seldomly

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seek (-eth, -ing, -s, sought), v. [OE < L. sāgire to perceive by scent < Gk. 'to lead'.]

  1. Search for; look for; inquire after; search for by going from place to place; endeavor to find or gain by any means.
  2. Phrase. “Hide and Seek”: a child's game involving many children hiding from one child who is trying to find them.

seem (-s, -ed), v. [ME < ON 'honor, conform to, benefit, fitting'.]

  1. [Linking verb with phatic “it” subject and subordinate clause complement] feel.
  2. [Linking verb with prepositional phrase complement] appear; look as if.
  3. [Linking verb with phatic “there” subject and noun phrase complement] appear; become apparent.
  4. [Linking verb with past participle verb phrase complement] appear; look.
  5. [Linking verb with adjectival complement] appear; look.
  6. [Subjunctive mood linking verb with infinitive verb complement] appear; look as if.

seeming, verbal adj. [see seem, v.]

Appearing; looking; [adverbial] apparently; thus far; on the surface.

seeming, verbal n. [see seem, v.]

Liking; opinion; perception; senses.

seesaw (-ing), v. [Reduplicative form, perhaps from the motion of a saw cutting wood.]

  1. Vacillate; waver; be indecisive.
  2. Sway; rock; move precariously.

segment, n. [L. secāre, cut.]

Wedge; tip; pointed shape; triangulated form; geometric figure bound by two lines at an angle and a portion of the circumference of a circle; [fig.] apex; summit; peak.

seize, v. [OFr saisir, take hold, take possession of.]

  1. Possess; clasp; hug; embrace; take hold of with the hands; [fig.] enjoy; espouse.
  2. Expropriate; commandeer; take without permission; dispossess with a pretense of legality.
  3. Grab; catch; snatch; take possession of; [fig.] observe; perceive; watch; regard; notice; remember.
  4. Phrase. “Seize upon”: take hold; overwhelm; capture.

seldom, adj. [OE.]

Rare; scarce; infrequent; sporadic; sparing; sparse; [fig.] frugal; measured; temperate.

seldom, adv. [see seldom, adj.] (webplay: distinct, often).

  1. Rarely; infrequently; almost never; not very often.
  2. Occasionally; periodically; not regularly; not every day.

seldomly, adv. [see seldom, adj.]

Rarely; infrequently.