Lexicon: superfine – supper

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superfine, adv. [L. super, upon + see fine, adj.]

Exceedingly exquisite; surpassing the fineness of others.

superfluous, adv. [L super + fluěre, to flow.]

  1. Excessive; unnecessary; irrelevant.
  2. Compound.

superhuman, n. [L. super + see human, n.]

One who has powers beyond any human.

superior, adj. [OFr < L. 'above'.]

  1. Greater; more magnificent; grander in quality.
  2. Describing one who is a chief or advisor or is a higher ranking religious official; subject to a higher authority; one who is more divine.

superiority, n. [see superior, adj.]

Control; mastery; pre-eminence.

superlative, adj. [L. super + lat, to take away.]

Of the highest or utmost degree.

supersede (-s, -ing), v. [L. super + sedere, to sit.]

To override; surpass; overcome; overtake.

superstition, n. [L. super + stare, to stand.]

Extreme, exact, or rigorous religious beliefs; false worship; belief in omens and prognostics.

superstitious, adj. [see superstition, n.]

Manifesting superstition; addicted to superstition.

supper, n. [Fr. 'to sup'.]

  1. Evening dinner; last meal of the day; [metonymy] diet; daily bread.
  2. Sacrament; Holy Communion; sacred meal of bread and wine representing the body and blood of Christ; [Phrase. “Supper of the Lamb”] wedding feast that saints will celebrate when Christ as a Bridegroom is married to the Church as a Bride (see Revelation 19:9).