Lexicon: scientist – scorn

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scientist, n. [see science, n.]

Philosopher; theologian; scholar; rationalist; positivist; learned one; person who tries to grasp the phenomena of nature and heavenly revelations.

scimitar (cimitar), n. [Fr. cimeterre; compare scythe, n.]

Curved blade; semi-circular single-edged sword; oriental weapon used for beheading enemies.

scintillate (-s), v. [L. 'a spark'.]

Sparkle; twinkle; emit little flashes of light.

scion, n. [OFr, of obscure origin.] (webplay: plant).

Offspring; descendant; shoot of a plant.

scold, v. [ON sk√°ld, a poet, a lampooner.]

  1. Chide; admonish harshly; address with sharp reproach.
  2. Chastise; reprimand; utter words of reproof.

scoop (-ed, -ing), v. [MLG < MDu, schoepe, vessel for drawing or bailing out water.] (webplay: liquor; flood).

  1. Carve; hollow out; [fig.] draw; gather.
  2. Heap up; fall down on; turn upside down; [fig.] revolve in; orbit in; make a circular motion in.
  3. Remove; excavate; dig out; gather with the hands.
  4. Bore; empty; remove; take possession of; turn into a riverbed; form a concavity in.
  5. Cup; curve; curl; bend; flex; form a concave shape.

scope, n. [It. 'aim, purpose' < Gk. 'a mark for shooting, to look out'.] (webplay: sight, viewed).

Range; limit of view; ability to perceive, reach, or grasp; [fig.] circumference.

score, n. [OE < ON 'notch, tally, the number of twenty, cut, shear'.]

  1. Group; number of earthly beings.
  2. Twenty.

scorn, n. [ME 'aphetic' < Du. scherne, mockery, sport.] (webplay: God).

  1. Derision; mockery; ridiculing.
  2. Disdain; proud expression; contempt for earthly life.
  3. Elevation; sense of superiority.

scorn, v. [see scorn, n.]

Spurn; decline; refuse; disdain; look down on; feel superior to.