Lexicon: spontaneity – spray

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spontaneity, n. [L.] (webplay: proceeding).

Automatic occurrence; unplanned happening; lack of premeditation; absence of cultivation.

spool (-s), n. [ONFr espole.]

Spindle; bobbin; reel; cylindrical thread dispenser.

spoon, n. [OE 'chip, wooden spatula'.]

Silverware; utensil; flatware; ladle.

sport, n. [AFr disport, disport, recreation, pleasure, pastime.] (webplay: merry).

Diversion; amusement; recreation; entertainment; dalliance; game; play; fun; merriment; pastime; frolic.

sportsman (-'s), n. [see sport, n.]

Hunter; gamer; shooter.

spot (-s), n. [ME 'speck, spot, piece of ground'.] (webplay: face, flowers, grass, heavens, mind, place, small, sun, thoughts).

  1. Blemish; blotch; blot; speck; stain; round mark.
  2. Place; location; area; site; locality.

spot (-ted), v. [see spot, n. and spot, verbal adj.] (webplay: above, face, flowers, head, heavens, least, leopard, paradise, small, sun).

  1. Adorn; garnish; decorate; ornament with patches of color.
  2. Make wet; cause to have drops; [fig.] mark; punctuate.

spotless, adj. [see spot, n.] (webplay: life).

Blameless; guiltless; innocent; faultless; sinless; pure; clean.

spotted, verbal adj. [see spot, n. and spot, v.] (webplay: color, face, flowers, grass, head, leopard, sun, taint, thoughts).

  1. Dappled; mottled; [fig.] blossoming; flower-decked; [metaphor] having bands of sunshine and shade.
  2. Shadowed; temporarily darkened by an eclipse.
  3. Stained; tarnished; defiled; sullied; soiled; tainted; imperfect; blemished; corrupted by sin.
  4. Colorful; dotted; freckled; speckled; flecked; peppered; mosaic; multi-colored.

spray, n. [MDu. sprayen, to sprinkle.]

Mist; shower; spume; drizzle; vapor.