Lexicon: step – stiffen

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step (-s, stepped, stepping, stept), v. [OE.]

  1. Walk; move by foot.
  2. March; stride.
  3. Proceed; go forth; move on; continue forward.
  4. Pace; move back and forth; [fig.] access the past and present.
  5. Alight; climb down; [fig.] shine; glow incrementally.
  6. Tread; stand momentarily; put feet down.
  7. Dance; caper; frolic; gambol.
  8. Plod; trudge; [fig.] crawl; creep.
  9. Move; overflow; overrun.
  10. Phrase. “step aside”: walk away; move out of view.

Stephen, proper n. [Gk stephanos, garland on a staff, crown, prize in the public games.]

Early saint; Christian martyr; one of seven ministers in the early Christian church; man who was wise, honest, and full of the Holy Ghost; disciple stoned to death for preaching Christianity (see Acts 6-8).

sterile, adj. [L 'barren cow'.] (webplay: destitute).

  1. Barren; fruitless.
  2. Without ability to attract interest; lacking.

sterility, n. [see sterile, adj.]

Barrenness; unfruitfulness.

sterling, adj. [ME; obscure origin.]

Pure; impeccable.

stern (-est), adj. [OE.]

  1. Serious, firm; grim in mood or character; melancholy.
  2. The most powerful degree of seriousness or firmness.

sternly, adv. [see stern, adj.]

Harshly, seriously.

stick (-s), n. [OE 'to pierce, to prick'; ON 'yardstick, candlestick'.]

Small instruments used to decorate.

stiff, adj. [OE < L. stipāre, to crowd, stake, strong.] (webplay: bended, firm).

  1. Rigid; tense; serious.
  2. Formal; calm; serious.

stiffen (-s), v. [see stiff, adj.]

  1. Become still and quiet.
  2. Solidify; become firm in consistency.