Lexicon: sir – situation

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sir, n. [see sire, n.]

  1. Lord; don; chief; knight; baron; [fig.] priest; bachelor of arts; young male scholar preparing to be a minister; [respectful form of address to a beloved man.]
  2. Dear; love; darling; [affectionate form of address to a beloved man.]
  3. Superior; your Highness; [respectful form of address to the sun].
  4. Sire; your Eminence; [respectful form of address to a king or prince.]
  5. Master; Savior; Jesus; [respectful form of address to Deity or a heavenly being].
  6. Mister; [respectful form of address to someone older or higher in status.]

sire, n. [OFr < L. senior, old.]

  1. Lord; sir; [archaic form of address to a man of some importance.]
  2. Father; forefather; ancestor; patriarch; progenitor.
  3. Master; God; Savior; [archaic form of address to Deity or a higher power.]

siren, adj. [see siren, n.]

  1. Enticing; alluring; thought-provoking; [word play] serene; shining; sunlit.
  2. Enchanting; attractive; enthralling; fascinating; ravishing; overpowering, like the music of bewitching mermaids; resembling the song of mythical creatures that lured sailors towards death; overwhelmingly beautiful, like the call of creatures who are part woman and part bird; [fig.] poetic; lyrical.

siren, n. [L. < Gk. possibly 'serpent'.]

Enchanting damsel; femme fatale; pretty female; lovely woman; attractive lady.

sirocco (-s), n. [It. < Arab. sharq, east.]

Steam; the Syrian wind; hot air that blows from the southeast in Italy; oppressive air current blowing from the north coast of Africa over the Mediterranean; [fig.] fever; shooting pain; itchy burning sensation.

sister (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Female sibling; girl child born of the same parents; [polysemy] sister-in-law; female sibling by adoption.
  2. Female neighbor; fellow schoolgirl.
  3. Female martyr; female fellow Christian; woman who is a saint; maiden who is a member of a religious order.
  4. Kin; female relative; kindred spirit; [personification] cognate; synonym; similar concept; word with a related meaning.

sit (sat, -s, sitting), v. [OE < L. or Gk. 'seat'.]

  1. Settle; sink; locate.
  2. Pose; appear in a certain position.
  3. Remain; stay; continue; [fig.] grow; develop; be planted.
  4. Stiffen; cease to move; maintain a resting posture.
  5. Perch; roost; alight.
  6. Settle down in; [fig.] manifest; be evident in.
  7. Rest; endure; prevail; put down weight; [fig.] preside; dominate; reign.
  8. Mount; ride; keep place on.
  9. Exist; live.
  10. Phrase. “sit … down to”: submit to resign oneself to.
  11. Phrase. “by … to sit”: to sit by; be seated close to; take a seat near to; [fig.] watch over; wait upon; [metaphor] remember; memorialize; commemorate; [word order variation] “as the dead we love to sit by become so wondrous dear.”
  12. Phrase. “with the Saints sat down”: died and went to paradise.
  13. Phrase. “sit opon”: adorn; cover; clothe; be worn upon.

site (-s), n. [L. situs, place, position.]

  1. Location; [fig.] reality; existence.
  2. Seat; ground-plot; local position; place on earth; area upon which something is located.
  3. Point; pole; orientation.
  4. State of being; [possible word play with the obsolete noun “site” < ON sĂșt, sorrow, distress, grief] desolation; loneliness.

situate (-ed, -s), v. [L.; see site, n.]

  1. Alight; arrive; pose; find a place.
  2. Settle; determine a relationship between entities.
  3. Relocate; be located; take up residence.
  4. Spread out; position for flying.
  5. Place oneself; [fig.] navigate; hover; glide; float.

situation (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'site'.]

Place; locality; circumstance; context; position; dimension; [fig.] alternate state of consciousness.