Lexicon: satin – saucer

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satin, adj. [Fr. < It. sentino, silk.]

Silken; glossy; shiny; lustrous; sleek; smooth; flossy.

satin, n. [see satin, adj.]

Silk; shiny fabric; smooth cloth; sleek textile; glossy material.

satirist, n. [Fr. satire < L.]

Censurer; critic; accuser; cynic; mocker; one who ridicules; writer of satires.

satisfaction, n. [Fr. < L. 'to satisfy'.] (webplay: contentment, possession, quiet, wants).

Gratification; contentment; atonement; appeasement; sufficiency; fulfillment of desires.

satisfied, verbal adj. [OF < L. satis, enough + facěre, to do.]

  1. Convinced.
  2. Contented; pleased; gratified.

satisfy (satisfied, satisfies), v. [OFr < L. satis, enough + facěre, to do.] (webplay: content, desired, doubt, earthly, full, good, more, possession, rest, till, wants, wishes).

  1. Gratify; sate; appease; suffice; content; please; satiate.
  2. Convince; assure; persuade; free from doubt.

saturate (-d), v. [L. 'full, enough'.] (webplay: more).

Fill; satisfy; suffice; satiate.

Saturn ('s), proper n. [L. 'to sow' < sat-, abundance.]

Ringed planet; orbiting body; sixth natural satellite from the sun.

satyr (-s, -'s), n. [L. < Gk., see satirist, n.] (webplay: eye).

  1. Forest demigod; woodland demon; mythological sylvan goat-man.
  2. Mythical musician; [word play on “satire”] criticism; ridicule; censure; reviling; raillery.

saucer, n. [OFr 'vessel for holding sauce'.] (webplay: cup, more, small, table).

Small plate; shallow dish.