Lexicon: snow – sob

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snow (-s), v. [see snow, n.; related to “blow”.]

  1. Fall; lie cold; [fig.] die; [possibly a compound subject split by stanza enjambment “snow-drift”] bank of cold white frozen precipitation; [fig.] death.
  2. Phrase. “it snows”: congealed water crystals descend; white star-shaped flakes of frozen moisture fall; winter precipitation floats down to earth from the sky; [fig.] the landscape becomes totally white because of much snowfall.

snowy, adj. [see snow, n.]

White; [fig.] angelic; heavenly; cloud-trimmed.

snug, adj. [obscure origin.]

  1. Safe; cosy; confident; secure; comfortably confined; [fig.] exalted.
  2. Taut; skin-tight; well-fitted; close-fitting.
  3. Garnered; gathered; stowed; stored away; [fig.] hidden; concealed; out of sight

snugly, adv. [see snug, adj.]

Tightly; finely; solidly; firmly; perfectly; plumb; with quality craftsmanship.

so ('s), adv. [OE swa, like that.]

  1. Quite; very; to such a degree; [intensifier.]
  2. As; comparably; similarly; to the same degree.
  3. But; however; nevertheless; on the other hand.
  4. To such an extent.
  5. A lot; a great deal.
  6. Like that; this way; in that way.
  7. Likewise.
  8. Too; intensely; too much.
  9. Phrase. “So much”: to such an extent.
  10. Phrase. “So's”: so is [contraction]; such is; the same is; like that is.

so, conj. [see so, adv.]

  1. Thus; by that means; in that way.
  2. Just like that.
  3. To the point where.

so, pron. [see so, adv.]

  1. That; this; such a thing.
  2. Phrase. “Mr. So and So”: such a gentleman; [pronominal proper noun phrase] God; Deity; the Lord; Heavenly Father.
  3. Phrase. “Not so”: no way; to the contrary; that is not how it is going to be.
  4. Phrase. “Not so fast”: slow down.
  5. Phrase. “or so”: more or less; a bit smaller or larger.
  6. Phrase. “so many”: such a large amount of people.
  7. Phrase. “just so”: in exactly this way.

soar (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [Fr. essorer, to fly up < L. aura, air.]

  1. Rise; ascend; grow upward; [fig.] decorate; adorn; glorify; honor.
  2. Fly; glide; sail upward.
  3. Flee; escape; [fig.] forget.
  4. Surge; flow; stream; continue; [fig.] sing; resound; reverberate; increase in volume.
  5. Blow; gust; move; run; course.
  6. Flit; dart.
  7. Phrase. “soar away”: leave; depart; [fig.] die; pass away.

soaring, verbal n. [see soar, v.]

Rise; elevation; lift-off; upward journey; [fig.] exploration; quest; [as a noun phrase in Johnson's edition “soaring Residence”] upward domain; home on high.

sob (-bed), v. [Dutch sabben, to suck.]

  1. Bawl; wail; make crying noises; [fig.] grieve; mourn; lament; keen.
  2. Cry; release emotion vocally; shed tears over a duration of time.