Lexicon: subjunctive – subside

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subjunctive, adj. [L. 'to subjoin'.]

Joined; connected.

sublime (-r, -st), adj. [L. poss. < sub, up to + līmen, lintel.]

  1. Restful; not stressful; giving a respite from reality.
  2. Easy; sure; definite; permanent; outstanding.
  3. Better; enhanced; more efficient; more exalted; more correct; more exact;
  4. Smoother; sweeter; more on top of things; [fig.] fairer; more just; more equitable.
  5. Surpassing; supreme; transcendent; venerable; grand; regal; shameless; righteous.
  6. Fearful; terrible; awe-inspiring.
  7. Eternal; everlasting; divine; other worldly.
  8. Heavenly; blissful; peaceful; [noun] grace.

sublimely, adv. [see sublime, adj.]

Courageously; entirely; thoroughly; with excellent; most completely.

submerge (-d, -s), v. [L. sub + mergěre, dip, plunge.]

Drown; overwhelm; cover; immerse; baptize; [fig.] renew; restore; refine; cleanse.

submit (-s, -ting), v. [L. sub + mittěre, to send, put.]

  1. Give; grant; understand; agree.
  2. Undergo; experience; resign; allow; accept, accede; take on.

subordinate, v. [L. sub + ordināre, to order.]

Take second place; be subject to something; be controlled by something.

subscribe, v. [L. sub + scrīběre, to write.]

To put forth; to produce; to give; to share; to output.

subsequent, adj. [Fr. < L. sub + sequī, to follow.]

  1. Something that is the result of something else; something that follows something else inevitably.
  2. Subject to something, victim of something
  3. The next thing chronologically.

subsequently, adv. [see subsequent, adj.]

Following; consequently; as a natural result.

subside (-s, subsiding), v. [L. sub + sīděre, to sit down.]

  1. Diminishes; decreases; detracts from.
  2. Going down; melting away; disappearing; shriveling.