Lexicon: spiritual – sponge

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spiritual, adj. [see spirit, n.]

Pertaining to the soul.

splash (-ing), v. [Alteration of plash < MLG, LG plasken, dabble.]

Wet; bespatter; dash water upon; spoil with water or mud.

splendor (-s), n. [AFr (e)splendur < L. splendēre, v. shine.] (webplay: show).

  1. Distinction; eminence; glory; magnificence.
  2. Brilliant coloring; ornate appearance.

splinter, n. [MDu splinte, metal plate or pin.]

Chip; fracture; sliver; [fig.] fraction; little bit; very small amount; [metaphor] irregularity; cause for doubt; uncertainty in thought; defect in logic; flaw in reason.

splinter (-ed), verbal adj. [see splinter, n.] (webplay: fracture).

Broken; cracked; damaged; shattered; fragmented; [fig.] imperfect; flawed; defective; [metaphor] thorny; made of sharp spines instead of laurel leaves.

split (-s), v. [MDu; related to spleet < LG.] (webplay: break, cleave, earth, entirely, hair, heart, separate, sides).

  1. Interrupt; break up; cut short; [fig.] fill with loud noise.
  2. Open; burst; part asunder.
  3. Disjoin; divide; separate; disunite; disconnect; divorce; part; cleave.
  4. Shorten; reduce; abbreviate.
  5. [Fig.] experience grief; feel great pain.
  6. [Fig.] feel intense happiness; experience joy.

spoil, v. [OFr < L. 'to plunder, rob, despoil, strip of clothing'.] (webplay: lose).

Stain; ruin; soil; besmear; damage; dirty with mud.

spoiler, n. [see spoil, v.]

Destroyer; pillager; bane; scourge.

spoke (-s), n. [OE spáca; origin uncertain.] (webplay: round, wheel).

Supporting beam of a wheel; rod radiating from an axis.

sponge (-s), n. [OE < L. < Gk.]

Absorbing material.