Lexicon: sound – southern

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sound (-s), n. [AFr < L.]

  1. Noise.
  2. Hearing; [fig.] applause/

sound (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr < L. sonāre.]

  1. Appear; seem.
  2. Say; tell; report.
  3. Measure; plumb; explore; probe; examine; determine the depth with a nautical instrument such as a plumb.

soundless, adj. [see sound, v.]

  1. Speechless; breathless; hushed; muted; [fig.] inanimate; insentient.
  2. Unfathomable; unknowable.
  3. Still; silent; quiet; noiseless; imperceptible; inaudible; out of range to human hearing.

soundless, adv. [see sound, v.]

Inaudibly; discreetly; privately.

source (-s), n. [OFr 'to rise or spring'.]

  1. Origin; cause; root; wellspring; fountainhead.
  2. Documentation; citation; example; illustration.
  3. Genesis; beginning; origination; essential matter; core substance; [fig.] motivation; prime cause of action.

south, adj. [OE.]

Meridional; moving from left towards to right in relation to facing the rising sun.

south, adv. [OE.]

Towards a warmer climate.

south, n. [see south, adj.]

  1. Region below the Equator; lower quadrant of the earth; bottom hemisphere of the planet.
  2. Cone of higher temperatures.
  3. Sunny weather; compass direction with the most daytime sunlight; [fig.] joy; peace; gladness.

South America, proper n. [see south, adj. and America.]

The New World; the Andes and surrounding areas; southern continent in the Western hemisphere; territory including what is now Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Equador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

southern, adj. [see south, n.]

Migratory; moving to warmer weather; [fig.] paradise bound.