Lexicon: subsidy – subtraction

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subsidy, n. [AFr < L.]

A gift or grant.

subsist (-ing, -s), v. [L. subsistěre to stand still, stand firm, cease, be adequate to, support.]

  1. Exists; grows; flourishes; can be sensed.
  2. Grow; increase in substance; improve.
  3. Extends; reaches to; stands against.
  4. Reside; maintain oneself; feed oneself; live off of; dwell; live.

substance (-s), n. [OFr < L. 'to stand or be under, be present'.]

  1. Character or quality.
  2. Nature; state of being; soul; heart; person; logic.
  3. Consciousness; body; feeling; perception; awareness.
  4. Desire; discernment; purpose; motive; potential.
  5. Subjects; something that belongs to something or someone else.
  6. Features; characteristics; weighted objects; bulky parts.

substantiate (-s), v. [see substance, n.]

Create; form; put into matter; materialize; invent; derive.

substitute, v. [L. sub + statuěre, to set up.]

Face; prevent; rise above; survive; accept; live; experience.

subterfuge, n. [L. 'to flee'.]

Earth life; fusing experience; challenge; trial; test; probe.

subterranean, adj. [L. 'earth'.]

Invisible; unknown; hidden; disguised; covered.

subtle, adj. [OFr < L. 'finely woven'.]

  1. Faint; frail; fragile; flimsy; delicate; quiet;.
  2. Sly; quiet; composed; refined.
  3. Underground; subterranean; [fig.] hidden; clandestine.
  4. Exceptional; penetrating; self-contained; huge; strong, infinite.
  5. Ironic; clever; selective; Something almost beyond understanding, and yet simple.

subtract (-ing), v. [L. 'to draw, to carry'.]

Remove; withdraw; take away from; vacate; displace; retreat.

subtraction, v. [L. sub + trahěre, to draw or carry.]

Debit; minus; taking away; [fig.] death; demise; killing; assassination.