Lexicon: stupor – subjugate

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stupor, n. [L.; see stupidity, n.]

Numbness; diminution of movement; suspension of sensibility; suppression of sense; [fig.] shock; emotional paralysis; lack of feeling.

sturdy, adj. [OFr 'stunned, dazed, reckless, violent, feather-brained, thoughtless'.]

  1. Hardy; stalwart; perennial.
  2. Strong; durable; well-built.

style (-s), n. [OFr < L. 'to stake or pale, pointed instrument for writing, way of speaking or writing'.]

Manner; aspect; way of being.

subdivide, v. [L.; see divide, v.]

Part into two or more pieces.

subdue (-d, subduing), v. [ME < L. 'to deceive, seduce, to draw up or away, withdraw, remove by stealth, purge, evacuate, calculate'.]

Tame; master; command.

subject (-s), n. [OFr < L.]

  1. Servant; vassal; liege to a king.
  2. Theme; topic; issue; matter.

subject, prep. [OFr or L. 'frequent'.]

  1. Phrase. “not subject to (something)”: not affected by.
  2. Phrase. “subject to (something)”: under the influence of.
  3. Phrase. “subject to (something)”: available for.

subjected, verbal adj. [OFr 'to throw, cast'.]

subjection, n. [OFr < L.; see subject, adj.]

Bondage; thralldom; [fig.] emotional tie; bond of affection; willingness to submit.

subjugate (-d, subjugating), v. [L.]

  1. Subdue; put away.
  2. Give way to; be replaced by.