Lexicon: storm – straightened

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storm, v. [see storm, n.]

Assault; attack; batter.

stormy, adj. [see storm, n.]

Tumultuous; turbulent; rainy; cloudy; windy.

story, n. [AFr < L.; see history, n.]

Tale; history; narration of facts.

stout (-er, -est), adj. [OFr estout, brave, fierce, proud.]

Strong; bold; large.

stow, v. [ME 'to place'.]

Store; garner; lay up.

straggle (-d), v. [Uncertain etymology.]

Sprawl; be dispersed.

straight, adj. [ME; see stretch, v.]

  1. Undeviating; strict; exact; righteous; perfect; absolute; total; [fig.] constant; steady; single-minded; completely devoted; absolutely faithful.
  2. Restrictive; confining.
  3. Strong; intensely powerful.
  4. Uniform; not crooked; following in line; set down in the same direction.
  5. Stiff; taut; rigid; [fig.] dead; paralyzed with anguish.
  6. Narrow; strait; not broad; [fig.] demanding; requiring great sacrifice; (see “straight” in Matthew 3:3 and “strait” in Matthew 7:13-14).
  7. Undisturbed; in order; made up properly.
  8. Erect; upright; having good posture; [fig.] alert; aware; vigilant; watchful.

straight (-er), adv. [ME; see straight, adj.]

  1. Immediately; at once; right away; in the shortest time possible.
  2. Normally; understandably; in a customary manner.
  3. Directly; instantly; effortlessly; [fig.] magically.
  4. Intensely; effectively; efficiently; powerfully and speedily; [fig.] mortally; with deadly impact.
  5. Compressed; constrained; like a corpse in a coffin; with the arms set close to the body and the legs stretched out together.
  6. Uprightly; erectly; vertically; not stooping; with good posture; [fig.] bravely; courageously; valiantly; with valor.

straighten (-ed), v. [see straight, adj.]

  1. Rise; stand up; [fig.] behave appropriately; prepare for emergency; pull together all resources.
  2. Adjust; adapt; normalize; go back to a regular rhythm.
  3. Stiffen; become frozen; stop moving; contract with cold; [fig.] chill with death; set in rigor mortis.

straightened, verbal adj. [see straight, adj.]

Tidied; mowed; adjusted; cleaned up; set in order; devoid of excess material; [fig.] rigid; stiff; stoic; fixed; contracted with cold; (metaphor) chilled with death; set in rigor mortis.