Lexicon: savor – scaffold

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savor (-s), n. [OFr < L. sapōrem, taste.] (webplay: partake, taste).

Flavor; taste; seasoning; ability to sense sweetness or bitterness with the tongue; [fig.] experience; human agency.

savory, adj. [ME < OFr savouré, sapid, fragrant.] (webplay: delight, partake, sweet).

  1. Holy; sacred; saintly; spiritually edifying; acceptable to God.
  2. Tasty; flavorful; appetizing; delicious.

saw, n. [OE.]

Serrated wood-cutting tool.

saw (-ing), v. [see saw, n.]

Cut; scrape; rasp; grate; slice; incise.

saw, v. [preterite form; go to see, v.]

Saxon, proper n. [Fr. < L.; poss. < OE sax, to cut < Germanic, sahso, weapon.]

Englishman; member of the Germanic tribe that conquered the Celts in Britain; [fig.] poetry; speech; English language; Old English personified; (see ED letters).

say, interj. [see say, v.]

Tell me; [fig.] behold; listen; hey.

say (-s, -ing, said, saith), v. [OE sęcgan < L. 'to tell'.]

  1. Shout; proclaim; declare; cry out; [fig.] peal; ring.
  2. Promise; [reported speech.]
  3. Suppose.
  4. Ask; query; inquire; [direct quotation.]
  5. Answer; reply; explain; [direct quotation.]
  6. Be written; be cited; [direct quotation.]
  7. Murmur; whisper; speak softly.
  8. Entreat; plead.
  9. Think; postulate; prophesy.
  10. Speak; tell; state.
  11. Warn; [direct quotation.]

scabbard, n. [Anglo French.]

Sheath; case; cover for a sword; [fig.] eloquence; fluency; articulation.

scaffold (-s), n. [OFr schaffaut < L. uncertain 'wooden tower or gallery'.] (webplay: built, erect, plank, support).  

  1. Drying rack for fodder; wooden frame for storing hay in a barn.
  2. Gallows; gibbet; pillory; platform for executing someone by hanging.
  3. Framework; support; platform.