Lexicon: soon – sore

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soon, adj. [see soon, adv.]

Early; prompt.

soon (-er, -est), adv. [OE sóna, at once, immediately.]

  1. Quickly; as fast as possible; not long from now in time.
  2. Phrase. “as soon / as soon as”: rather; instead; as an extreme alternative.

sooth (-ed), v. [OE, 'to prove truth'.]

Appease; assuage; relieve; console.

sooty, adj. [ON. and Icel. < OE besútod, defiled, foul.]

Blackened; scorched; dirty.

sophistry (sophistries), n. [OFr < L. sophista < Gk. 'to become wise or learned'.]

  1. Deception; fallacy; illusion; false, but convincing argument.
  2. [Fig.] spider webs; intricate and transparently deceptive means of entrapping prey; deceptively stable foundation.

Sophocles, proper n. [Gk, 'skilled'.]

Ancient Greek dramatist (495-406 B.C.); philosopher playwright of the golden age of Athens; author of Oedipus the King, Antigone, and Electra.

sorcerer, n. [OFr; see sort, v.]

Wizard; magician; [fig.] serpent; devil; demon; fallen being; tempter in the Garden of Eden.

sorcery, n. [see sorcerer, n.]

Witchcraft; art of magic; [fig.] beauty.

sordid, adj. [Fr. < L. 'dirty, foul, base, mean'.]

Lowly; inferior; deficient.

sore (-r, -st), adj. [OE; Fin. sairas, sick, ill.]

  1. Urgent.
  2. Hurting; bruised; wounded.
  3. Hard; difficult.
  4. Fierce; bad; dangerous.