Lexicon: smouldering – snow

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smouldering, adj. [Obscure origin; poss. < Flem. 'hot'.]

  1. Slowly burning; [fig.] compressed; subterranean and intense; subtle but persistent; suppressed but active.
  2. Heated; combustible; softly glowing; [fig.] enduring; passionate.

smuggle (-ed), v. [Low German or Dutch.]

  1. Surreptitiously remove; take away stealthily; [phrase “Smuggled to rest”] mysteriously transferred from this life to the next.
  2. Convey secretly; [fig.] translate.
  3. Hidden; buried; absconded; covered up.

snake (-'s), n. [OE snaca.]

  1. Serpent; [fig.] interruption; surprise; startling noise; sudden movement.
  2. Long legless cold-blooded reptile; [fig.] enemy; adversary.
  3. Adder; [fig.] apparition; delusion; phantom thought; opposing force.

snap (snapt), v. [Middle Dutch or Middle Low German 'beak, bill'.]

  1. Connect; join; seal; secure; catch; make a noise when fitting together.
  2. Break; split; rent; bust; wrack; rupture; tear apart; [verbal adj.] weary; exhausted; unusable; no longer able to function.
  3. Strike; attack; bite; shut; close down on prey; [fig.] capture.

snare, n. [ON.]

Trap; gin; noose; pitfall.

snatch (-es), n. [Obscure origin.]

  1. Line; phrase; bit; part of a song; musical excerpt; wordless melody.
  2. Verse; stanza; chorus.

snatch, v. [see snatch, n.]

  1. Grab; gather; steal; take into one's hands.
  2. Catch; seize; pick up; [fig.] see; view; observe.

sneer, n. [possibly imitative form.]

Grimace; distasteful glare; rude face; look of derision; expression of scorn.

sneer (-ed), v. [see sneer, n.]

  1. Devalue; denigrate; disregard; show disrespect.
  2. Squeal; whine; scorn; mock; say with derision; express with contempt.
  3. Smile contemptuously; make a contorted face; [fig.] express scorn.

snow (-s, -'s), n. [OE.]

  1. Winter; cold weather.
  2. Winter precipitation; frozen water crystals; freezing vapor of the atmosphere falling in white flakes.
  3. Pale skin; [fig.] white fabric; clean linen.
  4. Blizzard; winter storm.
  5. White light; [fig.] bliss; infinity; paradise; heaven; blessed condition; sanctified state.
  6. Purity; [fig.] chastity; fidelity; virginity; true love.
  7. Dust; speck; mote; [fig.] flesh; [metaphor] marble.
  8. White robes (see Matthew 28:3).
  9. Pall; chill; coolness; [fig.] immobility; rigor mortis; cold marble headstone.
  10. White paper; [fig.] innocence; artlessness; naturalness; good reputation; [fig.] poetry; pages of verse.
  11. Floral accretion; accumulation of wind-blown apple blossom; collection of fragrant wind-bourne fruit tree petals.
  12. Grey color; silver streak; white hair.
  13. Phrase. “Snow flakes”: hexagonal crystals of frozen atmospheric water; [title of an ED poem].
  14. Phrase. “wheels of snow”: light feet; ballet slippers.