Lexicon: 'scape – scarlet

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'scape, n. [see escape, n.]

'scape ('scaping), v. [see escape, v.]

scar, n. [OFr < Gk. 'hearth'.] (webplay: healed, mark, soldier, wound).

  1. Cicatrix; trace of a sore; mark on the skin; [fig.] healed wound; injury that proves bravery in battle; [metaphor] witness; testimony; sign of martyrdom; name of the Lord.
  2. Disfigurement; evidence of being wounded; [fig.] barrier; protection from more hurt; defense from further injury.

scarce, adj. [ME < L. excerpere, pluck, select out.]

Rare; [fig.] meager; lowly; barely relevant.

scarce (-r, -ly), adv. [see scarce, adj.]

  1. Rarely.
  2. Hardly; barely.
  3. Slightly; scantily.

scarcity, n. [Fr., see scarce, adj.]

Rarity; unusual thing; infrequent experience.

scare (-s), v. [ME < ON 'avoid strife, shrink from, shy, timid, startled'.] (webplay: away, heart, suddenly).

Startle; alarm; frighten; drive off.

scarf, n. [Fr. escarpe, sash, sling for a wounded arm.] (webplay: put).

  1. Sash; neckerchief; cravat; muffler; [fig.] foliage.
  2. Shawl; head-gear; [fig.] curved band of many colors.

scarlet, adj. [OFr escarlate.] (webplay: beautiful).

Crimson; bright red.

scarlet (-s), n. [see scarlet, adj.] (webplay: bright, lip).

  1. Bright red color.
  2. Blood; vital body fluid that carries life.
  3. Fire; eruption of flame, ash, and lava.