Lexicon: summit – sunder

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summit, n. [see sum, n.]

Top; pinnacle; highest point; [fig.] greatest achievement.

summon (-ed, -s), v. [AFr < L. 'to give a hint, suggest, to call, cite'.]

  1. Tell; command; call; demand.
  2. Entice; coerce; steal.

sumptuous, adj. [L. 'expense, to take, consume'.]

  1. Delicate; delicious; luscious; lavish.
  2. Blissful; peaceful; grand.

sumptuousness, n. [see sumptuous, adj.]

Costliness; grandness; magnificence.

sun (-s, -'s), n. [OE.]

  1. Central globe in the solar system; [personification] male god of light.
  2. Large helium star that the Earth rotates around.
  3. Solar disk; [personification] Helios; dominant entity that travels across the sky in a set course each day.
  4. Source of warmth and light.
  5. Day; daytime; period during which light is present.
  6. Lamp; luminary; light of the world; [word play on “Son”] Savior; Redeemer; Jesus Christ, who resurrects the dead; Son of God; one who rescues mortals from death and sin.
  7. Far away celestial orb; [fig.] highest glory; most desired outcome.
  8. Yellow color; golden light.
  9. Dawn; daybreak; orient; morning; eastern direction.
  10. Solar fireball; [fig.] glory; divinity.
  11. Brightest of the heavenly bodies; object in the universe that supplies light and heat by its radiation.
  12. Major light source.
  13. Sunlight; direct rays of daylight.
  14. Deity; major god; object of worship; personified regal omnipotent male being.
  15. New day; [fig.] resurrection day; restoration of joy; reunion with deceased loved ones.
  16. Source of inspiration; visual cause of intellectual illumination.
  17. Daylight; [personification] Lord; Father in Heaven; [fig.] love of God (see Matthew 5:45).
  18. Summer; growing season; harvest time.

sun, v. [see sun, n.]

Bask; heat up; get warm; soak up rays of light.

sunburned, adj. [see sun, n. + burn, v.]

Discolored; tanned; superficially inflamed by exposure to sunshine.

sunburnt, adj. [see sunburned, adj.]

Freckled; tanned; ruddy; with reddened skin; tender due to overexposure to the sun's rays; [fig.] roughened by work outdoors; reddened by work in the garden; [metaphor] humble; modest.

Sunday, proper n. [OE loan translation of L. dies solis.]

Day of rest; first day of the week; Christian Sabbath; holiest day of the week; [fig.] hush; repose; quiet time; period of no work, travel, or diversion.

sunder (-ed), adj. [OE 'separately, apart'.]

  1. Pertaining to the sun; exposed to the sun; beaten by the sun.
  2. Divided; [fig.] having to do with the separation of the body and soul after death.