Lexicon: sign – silence

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sign (-ed), v. [see sign, n.]

  1. Inscribe; affirm an agreement; give a signature to; write one's name underneath the body of a contract; confirm a declaration, promise, covenant, or grant.
  2. Assign; allocate; give away by signature on a legal document.
  3. Signal; lead; point the direction for.
  4. Make a meaningful gesture; communicate without using words.

signal, adj. [Fr. 'to distinguish'.]

  1. Striking; remarkable; eminent; notable; conspicuous.
  2. Rare; matchless; extraordinary; exceptional; of such proportion; [fig.] valuable; essential; crucial.
  3. Unique; [word play on “single”] singular; one of a kind.
  4. Attractive; attention-getting; [fig.] bright; easily noticed.

signal (-s), n. [see sign, n.] (webplay: Motion, notice).

  1. Sign; notice; message.
  2. Sound or motion; word or gesture.
  3. Indication; indicator.

signalize, v. [see signal, adj.]

  1. Signify; mark; distinguish; announce; make known.
  2. Differentiate; contrast with; point to.

significance, n. [OFr < L.; see signify, v.]

  1. Import; status; prestige; distinction.
  2. Importance; attention; consequence; thought.
  3. Magnitude; grandeur; greatness; magnificence; miraculous nature.
  4. Meaning; understanding; comprehension; intelligence; implication.
  5. Meaningfulness; noteworthiness; sufficient justification; inherent value.

significant, adj. [L.; see signify, v.]

Meaningful; suggestive; evocative; full of implications; important to consider.

signify (-ing, signified), v. [Fr. < L.; see sign, n.] (webplay: signs).

  1. Announce; declare; denote; sign; signal.
  2. Report; inform; notify; testify; make known.
  3. Specify; designate; determine; decide upon.
  4. Intimate; indicate; define; make meaningful; present as metaphors.
  5. Represent; portend; betoken; symbolize; transcribe.

signor, n. [It. < L. 'old'.]

  1. [Title of respect] angel; messenger of God; [fig.] Lord; Master; Holy One.
  2. [Form of address] sir; mister; lord; master.

Silas, proper n. [Short form of L. Silvānus, god of forests < silva, wood.]

Missionary companion; preaching comrade of the apostle Paul; early Christian evangelist released from prison by an earthquake (see Acts 16:23-26).

silence, n. [OFr < L.]

  1. Stillness; complete quietness; entire absence of sound.
  2. Death; state beyond this life.
  3. Reverence; solemn atmosphere.
  4. Negligence; refusal to reply; [fig.] invisible God; previously mute Deity.
  5. Hush; end of communication; imperative to be quiet.
  6. Peace; muteness; forbearance of speech; refraining from unnecessary noise.
  7. Seclusion; asceticism; wordless contemplation; verbal abstinence.
  8. Stealth; lack of communication.