Lexicon: select – sentence

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select (-s), v. [L. se- + legěre, collect, choose.] (webplay: choose).

  1. Appoint; determine; gather; show a preference for; [fig.] name; nominate; elect; invite; associate with; decide to entertain.
  2. Perform; execute as music; [fig.] sound; vocalize.
  3. Use; apply; decide on; pick out; choose as a tool.

selectly, adv. [see select, v.]

Deliberately; carefully; with forethought.

self (a'self, selves), n. [OE 'strong'.]

  1. Being; ego; [fig.] child; girl.
  2. Existence; state of being; way of life.
  3. Identity; psyche; soul.
  4. Persona; figure; character; image; frame; body.
  5. Presence; physical being; living creature.

sell (-s, sold), v. [OE 'to give, deliver up, to offer'.] (webplay: buy).

  1. Deal away; relinquish ownership; give for a price; exchange for money.
  2. Barter; trade; exchange; give away one.
  3. Relinquish; release possession of in a business transaction.
  4. Deliver; exchange; [fig.] present; exhibit; show.
  5. Market; merchandise; make available commercially.
  6. Peddle; auction; [fig.] publish; print; issue as a publication for sale.
  7. Promote; advertize for sale; [fig.] offer; provide.

seller (-'s), n. [see sell, v.] (webplay: buy).

Merchant; dealer; salesman; one who exchanges goods to make a living; [fig.] jeweler.

send (-ing, -s, sent), v. [OE 'to go, way, journey'.] (webplay: come, go).

  1. Mail; post.
  2. Dispatch; order; commission to go.
  3. Share; give; [fig.] commit.
  4. Deliver to; convey to; transfer to; cause to arrive to.
  5. Throw; project; thrust; cast; fire; discharge.
  6. Transform into; cause to become; cause to go forth as.
  7. Put forth; move forward into the season.
  8. Shoot; aim and let go.
  9. Provide; furnish; supply; offer; make available.
  10. Direct; command; instruct.
  11. Affect; move; impress.
  12. Phrase. “sending … away”: dismiss; shoo.
  13. Phrase. “send … out”: radiate; emit; cause to be felt.

sensation, n. [see stop-sensation, n.]

sense (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'perception, feeling'.] (webplay: discern, feel, hearing, instinct, meaning, mind, reason, tasting).

  1. Reason; mind; mental stability; ability to feel; faculties of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and so forth.
  2. Sanity; lucidity; order; rationality; [fig.] insight; inspiration.
  3. Significance; meaning; intimation; definition; [word play] sensory perception from the physical world.
  4. One's body; physical being; perception of the material world.
  5. Being; consciousness; identity.

sentence (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'feel, have an opinion'.] (webplay: death, doom, imprisonment, pause, pronounced, verb, word).

  1. Structure; construction; language sequence; [fig.] line; branch; shoot; leaf.
  2. Penalty; conviction under the law; prescribed punishment, given by one in authority.
  3. Main clause statement; independent syntactic unit; message comprised of a subject and a predicate; [Webster 1844] “a number of words containing complete sense or a sentiment followed by a full pause.”
  4. Set of words; [metonymy] text; discourse; writing.

sentence (-d), v. [see sentence, n.] (webplay: convicted).

Punish; condemn; convict.