Lexicon: sluice – smile

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sluice, n. [OFr < L. exclūdere, to shut out.]

Channel; conduit; trough; stream of water flowing rapidly through a flood-gate.

slumber (-eth), v. [ME slūme < OE 'doze'.] (webplay: soul).

  1. Sleep; rest; doze; snooze; [fig.] lie at rest in death or the grave.
  2. Languish; become inactive.

slumbering, adj. [see slumber, v.]

Dormant; inoperative; [phrase “never slumbering”] active; volatile; lively; seismic; not asleep; always moving; ever dynamic.

sly, adj. [ME slēz < ON 'cunning, clever, able to strike'.]

Secret; concealed; sneaky; subtle.

small (-er, -est), adj. [OE 'slender, narrow'.] (webplay: diminish, gentle, great, less, little, mean, narrow, part, size, “small price,” “small sum,” soft, voice).

  1. Modest; simple; least ostentatious.
  2. Tiny; little; not large in size; [fig.] delicate; fragile.
  3. Slightest; faintest; least expressive.
  4. Lesser; less in scope; not as large in extent.
  5. Lowly; common; ordinary; ineffectual; of little ability.
  6. Softer in tone; lighter in hue.
  7. Finite; limited; [fig.] mortal.
  8. Diminutive; quiet; soft-spoken; [fig.] harmless.
  9. Insignificant; of little importance.
  10. Gentle; gradual; subtle; stealthy; nearly undetectable; almost not discernable.
  11. Minute; petite.
  12. Brief; momentary; minimal; fleeting.
  13. Few; not many; not numerous.
  14. Narrower; tighter; more confining.
  15. Young; of a minor age; [fig.] fresh; artless; innocent; childlike.
  16. Least spacious; less in size and dimension.
  17. Weak; faint; dim; dull; typical; trivial; trite; predictable; stereotypical.
  18. Insufficient; minor; preliminary; early; premature.
  19. Short in stature; lacking in height; deficient in size; [fig.] cowardly; lacking in courage.
  20. Microscopic; [fig.] hidden; invisible.
  21. Thin; slender; slim; narrow.
  22. Homely; plain.
  23. Abridged; reduced; manageable in size.
  24. Cheap; not expensive; not costly; not large in amount.
  25. Incomplete; imperfect; part of a whole; [fig.] fallible.
  26. Low; depressed; [fig.] underground; subterranean.
  27. Scanty; skimpy; disproportionate to need; [fig.] useless; pointless.
  28. Meaningless; inconsequential.
  29. Phrase. “vast and small”: large and little; [complementary pair] of all sizes; of various kinds.
  30. Phrase. “small town”: village; hamlet; settlement; pueblo.

small, adv. [see small, adj.]

  1. Abstemiously; frugally; economically; sparingly.
  2. Becoming less significant; into a lesser dimension of consciousness.

small (-er), n. [see small, adj.]

  1. Lowly ones; poor folks; less prominent people.
  2. Shorter; not as tall; [fig.] humbler; meeker; [metaphor] female; lady; woman; wife.

smart, adj. [OE; Gk 'terrible'; L. mordēre, to bite.]

  1. Brisk; full of life; vivacious.
  2. Severe; acute; stinging; keenly painful.

smartness, n. [see smart, adj.]

Pomposity; vanity; impudence.

smile (-s, -'s), n. [see smile, v.] (webplay: countenance, crested, heaven, look, paradise, sweet).

  1. Joy; delight.
  2. Smirk; grin; secretive nod.
  3. Happy moment; joyous experience.
  4. Kindness; favor; countenance; act of charity; [fig.] comforting messages; uplifting thoughts; letters containing poems or flowers.
  5. Bright countenance; shining aspect.
  6. Expression of affection.
  7. Happy face; facial expression to show pleasure, amusement, joy, love, or kindness.
  8. Urge to show self-satisfaction.
  9. Brightness; light; look of pleasure.
  10. Mouth; lips.
  11. Upward curve of the outer side of the lips.
  12. Polite gesture of social acknowledgment.
  13. Acceptance; favor; sign of approval; expression of encouragement.
  14. Mark of distinction; sign of success.
  15. Positive attitude; gesture of good will.
  16. Exude a spirit of life.