Lexicon: shiver – shopman

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shiver (-ed), v. [ME chivere, of obscure etymology.]

Tremble; be afraid; have compassion; be moved with pity.

shiverer (-s), n. [see shiver, v.]

Trembling one; person who shakes; [fig.] beggar.

shivering, verbal adj. [see shiver, v.]

Quivering; trembling from coldness.

shoal (-s), n. [OE 'shallow'.]

  1. Bank; edge; crag; coast; [fig.] obstacle.
  2. Bar; sand-bank; shallow place; beach where the water is of little depth.

shock, n. [Fr.]

Jarring; jolt; upset; unsettled feeling; sense of surprise; emotional disturbance caused by an unexpected event.

shoe (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Foot cover; [metonym] feet; [metaphor] resurrected body; [fig.] locomotion; means of transportation.
  2. Protective wear for the feet; outer covering for the human foot; low-top stiff-soled boot made of leather or other materials.
  3. Route; path; track.
  4. Rock; cliff; crag; hill; mountain.
  5. Flora; blossom.

shoe (shod), v. [see shoe, n.]

  1. Cover; clothe; protect.
  2. Equip; furnish.

shoot (shot), v. [OE sceotan.]

  1. Launch; race; rush; push; drive; run; hurry; thrust; move rapidly; speed forward; pass through swiftly; [fig.] sail quickly through water; [metaphor] pass away suddenly into the next life.
  2. Aim at; discharge a weapon at; [irony] dispatch; eliminate; send away forcefully; kill in a battle; put to death because of warfare; (see 16 Oct 1859, John Brown at Harper's Ferry).
  3. Dart; dash; flash; bolt; sprint; pass away; explode into action; [fig.] die; end suddenly.
  4. Slide; skid; slip; fly; ride forward.

shop (-s), n. [OE sceoppa.]

Store; mercantile; business; [personification] people in buildings where goods are sold.

shopman, n. [see shop, n. + man, n.]

Merchant; shopkeeper; tradesman; petty trader; clock smith.