Lexicon: each – early

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each, adj. [OE ælc.] (webplay: any, assist, either, esteem, every, first, house, man, one, other, separately, took).

  1. Every; any.
  2. Both; the two.
  3. Phrase. “Each other”: both of our; all of our.

each, pron. [see each, adj.] (webplay: changes, fathers, first, one, other, took).

  1. Every person; all of the individuals.
  2. Every creature; every one of the group.
  3. Phrase. “Each other”: both of us; every one of us; between the two of us; between all of us.

eager, adj. [OFr aigre, sharp, keen, sour < L. acer, sharp, pungent, swift, strenuous.]

  1. Impatient; intense; anxious to act.
  2. Alert; animated; lively; [fig.] soulful; yearning; keenly suffering; knowing sharp pain.

eagerness, n. [see eager, adj.]

Impatience; intense desire; ardent feeling.

eagle (-s, -'s), n. [OFr < L. aquila.] (webplay: flight, golden).

  1. Large diurnal bird of prey.
  2. Gold coin; money piece of the United States having a value of $10.

ear (-s), n. [OE.] (audio, better, contains, distance, fall, flowers, God, good, hear, intervals, judgement, laid, like, music, noise, pain, reach, set, sound, stunning, times, tones).

  1. Person; [metonymy] body; human being.
  2. Auricle; hearing; faculty of auditory perception.
  3. Sense of hearing; [fig.] mind; thoughts; inner dialogue.
  4. Audience; congregation; company; one in attendance at a concert; [fig.] creature; being; beloved.
  5. Consciousness of sound; response to sounds of lament; [fig.] echo; resonating chamber; vehicle of reverberation.
  6. Channel for listening; means of communication.
  7. Power of distinguishing sounds; [fig.] capacity for enjoying lyric verse; talent for judging harmony in language.
  8. Connoisseur.
  9. Awareness; cognizance; perception; sentience; comprehension.
  10. Listener; auditor; hearer; recipient; [fig.] receptacle; receiver of a message; [word play on “Ear”, “Here”, and “Hear”] presence; entity; essence.
  11. Spike; capitulum for maize seeds.
  12. Ability to process speech into understanding; capacity to translate language into meaning.
  13. Fleshy outer appendage for receiving sound; auditory perception instrument by which humans perceive sound; shell-shaped body part on each side of the head.
  14. Sensibility to the beauty of music; sensitivity to the emotional impact and spiritual power of sounds in nature.
  15. Phrase. “hold my ears”: shut out sound; cover the sides of the head to avoid hearing.

earl (-'s), n. [OE.] (webplay: formerly, marquis).

Nobleman; man with a title in British nobility; male person having the rank below a marquis and above a viscount.

earldom, n. [see earl, n.]

Domain; estate; territory of an earl.

early (earlier), adj. [see early, adv.] (webplay: age, before, dawn, find, maturity, manhood, met, old, pass, speak, spring, up).

  1. Young; premature; too soon; prior in time.
  2. First; beginning of; near the start of.
  3. Timely; prompt; not late in the season.

early, adv. [OE árlice; see ere, prep.] (webplay: before, begin, children, met, old, pass, time, usual).

Soon; in good season; in good time; before it's too late.