Lexicon: ease – easy

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ease (-s, -d, easing), v. [see ease, n.] (webplay: away, care, free, gradually, seamen's, somewhat).

  1. Comfort; soothe; reduce the pain of.
  2. Alleviate; palliate; [ablative sense] relieve of; try to remove.

easel, n. [Du. 'ass'.]

Support; drawing board; structure for holding a canvas that an artist is working on; [fig.] horizon; meadow land; evening sky at sunset.

easily, adv. [see easy, adj. and easy, adv.] (webplay: Without).

Effortlessly; without difficulty; without great labor; lacking exertion or sacrifice.

east, adj. [see East India, proper n.]

east, adv. [see east, n.] (webplay: hand).

  1. In the direction; coming from the place; coming from the compass direction.
  2. Phrase. “A little East of Jordan”: somewhere in Canaan; at a place in the land that the Lord promised to Jacob in the Bible (see Genesis 32:24-30).

east, n. [OE 'dawn'; 'back, behind'.] (webplay: border, four, gold, heavens, kings, lie, sun, west, wind).

  1. Direction where the sun rises; place where the sun appears.
  2. Direction from whence the Messiah will come.
  3. One of the four compass points; orientation that references where the equator intersects the horizon.
  4. Sun; dawn; sunrise.
  5. Orient; lands of Asia and Asia Minor such as Persia, India, and China.

Easter, proper n. [OE < Eostre, Germanic dawn goddess.]

Christian holiday; Holy Sunday; morning of Christ's resurrection from the dead; springtime commemoration of the atonement of Jesus Christ; [fig.] time of rebirth; ancient renewal festival at the vernal equinox; [see ED's letters.]

eastern, adj. [see east, n.] (webplay: India, kings, sun).

  1. Exotic; oriental; pertaining to lands such as India, Asia Minor, and so forth.
  2. Dawning; early morning; pertaining to the sunrise.

East India, proper n. [see Indies, proper n.]

Shortened form of British East India Company; ruling government in most of nineteenth-century India; [fig.] colorful treasures; riches of spice, perfume, and gold.

easy (easier, easiest), adj. [OFr.] (webplay: care, causing, complying, contented, dancing, difficulty, expense, free, gently, Giving, great, hilly, Knowledge, laugh, life, men, opposition, pain, pass, patient, requires, rest, rising, road, sacrifice, sail, slept, small, softness, soon, stiffness, tranquillity, understandeth, uneven, well, without, yieldeth).

  1. Simple; basic; natural; uncomplicated.
  2. Bearable; endurable; sufferable; tolerable.
  3. Susceptible.
  4. Lesser; subordinate.
  5. Nearby; accessible; within reach.
  6. Quiet; serene; tranquil; unburdened; [fig.] free from death.
  7. Transparent; apparent; evident; clear; plain; decipherable; readable.
  8. Not difficult; giving no great labor; requiring little exertion; presenting no great obstacles.
  9. Light; slight; small; not heavy; not burdensome; [fig.] less sorrowful.
  10. Normal; common; ordinary.
  11. Carefree; comfortable.
  12. Gentle; soft; mild; balmy; flowing; halcyon; moderate; temperate; not forceful.
  13. Agreeable; congenial; amenable; submissive; compliant; obliging; not unwilling; yielding with little resistance.
  14. Safe; not dangerous.
  15. Not far; short in distance; not difficult to travel.