Lexicon: embrace – Emily

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embrace, n. [see brace, v.]

  1. Grip; clutch; hold; envelope; reception; compass; encirclement.
  2. Hug; enclosing in the arms in token of affection; [fig.] tomb; casket; sepulchre.

embryo, n. [med. L. embryon.]

  1. Rudiment; earlier stage of being; [fig.] spring; prior season.
  2. Metal that conducts a current; chemical substance not disengaged from its native state of combination.
  3. Prototype; earlier version; younger manifestation.

Emeline, proper n. [see Emily, proper n.]

Emeline Kellogg (1827-1900); ED's cousin and childhood friend; daughter of James Kellogg and Fidelia Dickinson; wife of Henry Nash; young maiden; [see ED's letters.]

emerald, adj. [see emerald, n.]

  1. Evergreen; made of shiny pine needles.
  2. Sparkling green; [fig.] covered with sunlit summer foliage.
  3. Grassy; [phrase “Emerald Seams”] plots in a cemetery lawn; graves for soldiers lost in battle; pertaining to rows in a burial field.
  4. Leafy; lush; [fig.] bejeweled; ornate; decorated with gems.
  5. Phosphorescent; nearly transparent; [fig.] eerie; uncanny; having a pale ghastly light; [kenning] tornado; tempest; twisting cloud.
  6. Phrase. “Emerald Swing”: branch; [merism] leafy tree.

emerald (-s), n. [OFr < L.]

  1. Green beryl; precious stone; hexagonal prism; translucent crystal gemstone; [fig.] lawn; yard; glade; meadow.
  2. Greenery; leaves; verdure; dark green forest color; [fig.] green flash phenomenon.
  3. Flora; foliage; vegetation; plant life;
  4. Iridescence; prismatic green color.

emerge (-s, -d), v. [L. ē, out + mergěre, plunge.]

  1. Rise; awake; ascend; surface.
  2. Reappear; arise; come forth; are unveiled; [fig.] revive; quicken; are resurrected.
  3. Appear; show; be disclosed; be divulged; be exposed; be revealed.
  4. Issue; emit; escape; spring forth; take life; pour out.

emergency, n. [see emerge, v.]

Exigency; pressing need; unexpected event; medical crisis; situation that calls for immediate action; [fig.] emergence; act of coming into view.

emigrant (-s, -'s), n. [see emigrate, v.]

Alien; foreigner; outsider; stranger; wanderer; transient person; one who takes up residence in a new land.

emigrate, v. [L. e, out + migrā-re, to migrate.]

Leave; travel; go forward to a new place; settle in another state.

Emily, proper n. [feminine of Emil < Fr. < L. 'admirable, beloved' < Germanic 'industrious'.]

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886); daughter of Edward Dickinson and Emily Norcross; sister of Austin and Lavinia; aunt of Ned Dickinson born in 1861; alias “Socrates” in ED's circle of fellow students; [see ED's letters.]