Lexicon: experience – exploring

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experience (-ed), v. [see experience, n.]

  1. Receive; come to know; become acquainted with.
  2. Undergo; suffer; be subject to; arrive at a state of being.
  3. Test; prove; partake; use; practice; [fig.] know by reading; learn by studying; become acquainted with through language.

experiment, n. [see experience, n.]

  1. Trial; test; act designed to discover some unknown truth.
  2. Experience; feeling; suffering.

expiation, n. [L. 'to make satisfaction'.]

Atonement; propitiation; sacrifice of self for others; payment of restitution for a crime.

expire (-s, -ing), v. [Fr. < L. 'to breath out'.]

  1. Fade; die out; dwindle away.
  2. Exhale; emit air; give forth breath; [fig.] utter; speak out; express audibly; [metaphor] succumb to mortality.
  3. Die; perish; breathe the last breath.

expiring, verbal adj. [see expire, v.]

Ending; closing; parting; dying; lingering; last.

explain (-ed), v. [L. ex, out + planus, flat.]

  1. Clarify; define; elucidate; make intelligible; shed light on; enlighten to understanding. [Webster 1844] “The first business of a preacher is to explain his text. Notes and comments are intended to explain the Scriptures.”
  2. Expound; talk about; justify with logic; explicate with reason; illustrate by discourse.

explanation, n. [see explain, v.]

  1. Illustration; act of informing; clearing up of obscurity.
  2. Reconciliation; resolution of differences.

exploit, n. [OFr esplait, something unfolded, brought out, or put forth.] (webplay: achieve).

Deed; accomplishment; attainment; adventure.

explore, v. [Fr. < L. ex, out + plōrāre, to make flow.]

  1. Search; examine carefully; go forward to make a discovery in.
  2. Scrutinize; analyze; study; consider; [fig.] look for treasure in.

exploring, verbal adj. [see explore, v.]

Searching; treasure-seeking; [fig.] inquiring; excavating; hungry for truth; laboring as a poet.