Lexicon: eminence – empire

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eminence, n. [see eminent, adj.]

  1. High place; lofty position; above the head of people.
  2. Hill; peak; mount; sacred mountain; [fig.] exalted state.

eminent, adj. [L. 'to project'.]

Great; famous; honored; praised; dignified; distinguished; exalted in rank.

eminently, adv. [see eminent, adj.]

Conspicuously; noticeably; obviously.

emit (-s), v. [L. 'to send forth'.]

Sound forth.

emolument, n. [L. 'to grind', originally toll taken for grinding.]

Advantage; benefit; profit; gain.

emperor (-s, -'s), n. [see empire, n.]

  1. Commander; leader.
  2. King; sovereign or supreme monarch.

empery, n. [see empire, n.]

Territory of an absolute ruler; dominion; empire.

emphasize (-d), v. [L. < Gk 'to show, to appear'.]

Distinguish; stress; utter with force.

emphatic, adj. [see emphasize, v.]

Expressive; forceful.

empire, n. [Fr. < L. imperium, to command.]

Dominion; kingdom.